Data Sheet

System Sensor
BEAM 1224 Series
Single-Ended Reflected Type
Beam Smoke Detector
The System Sensor BEAM1224 Series 4-wire projected
beam smoke detector is uniquely suited to sense smoke in
open areas with high ceilings where spot-type detectors
are difficult to install and maintain. It is suitable for use with
any UL® Listed fire alarm control panel providing a 15-32
VDC power source.
The single-ended reflective design offers a simpler installation than the traditional transmitter and receiver types of
beam detectors.
Alignment is swiftly accomplished via an optical sight and
a 2-digit signal strength meter integral with the product.
Listed for operation from –22o F to 131o F, the BEAM1224
can be installed in garages, warehouses and other harsh
environments where the temperature extremes exceed
the capability of spot-type detectors.
The BEAM1224 consists of a combination transmitter/
receiver unit and a reflector. When the smoke enters the
path between the unit and the reflector, it causes a reduction in the signal, and when the smoke level reaches the
predetermined threshold, an alarm results.
• Listed to UL® Standard 268.
• Offers a single-ended, reflective design.
• Includes six user-selectable sensitivity levels.
The unit has four standard sensitivity selections along with
two Acclimate settings. When either of the two Acclimate
settings are selected, the detector will automatically adjust
its sensitivity using the advanced software algorithms to
select the optimum sensitivity for the specific environment.
The BEAM1224S is equipped with an integral sensitivity
test feature consisting of a test filter attached to a servo
motor inside the detector optics. Using the remote test station Model RTS451, the motor moves the filter in the path
of the light beam, thereby serving as an accurate test of
the receiver sensitivity. This test feature allows the user to
quickly and easily comply with the annual maintenance
and test requirements of NFPA 72.
• Projects a 16ft. to 328 ft. (4.9 to 9.10 m) detection range.
• Compatible with UL Listed 24 VDC control panels.
• Provides an integral sensitivity test feature
• Has a digital display - no special tools required.
• Contains a user-friendly alignment procedure.
• Operates with an integral automatic gain control that
compensates for signal deterioration from dust build-up.
• Uses a remote test station (optional).
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Figure 1 BEAM1224 with BEAMMK-1 Multi-Mount Kit
Figure 2 RTS-452KEY
Electrical Specifications
Operating Specifications
Operating Voltage:
Protection Range: 16 to 328 Ft. (5 to 100 m)
+/- 10 Degrees horizontal & vertical
Sensitivity - 6 Levels:
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
Fault Current:
Alignment Mode
10.2 to 32 VDC (BEAM1224)
15 to 32 VDC (BEAM1224S)
.017 A (max. @ 24 VDC)
.0385 A (max. @ 24 VDC)
.0085 A (max. @ 24 VDC)
.028 A (max. @ 24 VDC)
Environmental Specifications
-22o to 131o F (-30o to 55o C)
10 - 93% (non-condensing)
10” H x 7.5” W x 3.3” D
(254 mm x 191 mm x 84 mm)
Reflector (16 to 230’): 7.9” x 9.1” (200 x 230 mm)
Reflector (over 230’): 15.7” x 18.1” (400 x 600 mm)
LED Indicators:
Red - Alarm
Yellow - Trouble
Green - Normal (flashing)
Local Test
Local Reset
Remote test and reset (Compatible with RTS451
and RTS151KEY test station).
Level 1 - 25%
Level 2 - 30%
Level 3 - 40%
Level 4 - 50%
Acclimate Level 1 - 30-50%
Acclimate Level 2 - 40-50%
Fault Condition: (Trouble) 96% or higher
In alignment mode: Improper initial
alignment, self-compensation limit
Optical gunsight, integral signal
Alignment Aid:
strength indication, 2-digit display.
On smooth ceilings, 0 - 60 feet max.
between projected beams and not
more than one-half that spacing
between a projected beam and a
sidewall. Other spacing may be used
depending on the ceiling height, airflow characteristics, and response
requirements. See NFPA 72.
Ordering Information
Part Number
Beam Detector
Beam Detector w/sensitivity Test
Long Range for applications with
range over 230 ft. (70m)
Multi-mount Kit
Surf. Mount Kit
Remote Test Station
Remote Test Station w/ Key lock
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