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Fire Ray
Fire Ray Beam Detector
The Fire Ray is a new generation of the reflective beam
smoke detector. The Fire Ray incorporates both an infrared transmitter and a receiver in one wall-mounted unit.
The infrared beam generated by the transmitter is
reflected back to the receiver by way of a prism mounted
on the opposite wall. The unit monitors the reflected beam
for any obscuration caused by smoke. If a predetermined
level of obscuration is reached, the Fire Ray Beam Detector initiates an alarm condition by a set of alarm dry contacts connected to the monitoring fire alarm control panel.
This unique design eliminates the need to run wire
between a transmitter and a separate, remotely mounted
receiver. This construction further facilitates ease of installation by making it possible for a single individual to align
the device.
Two versions of the Fire Ray beam smoke detector are
• The Fire Ray 50RU can project its beam between 15 ft.
(5 m) and 160 ft. (50 m).
• The Fire Ray 100RU has a range of 160 ft. (50 m) to
330 ft. (101 m).
Both units allow field selectable sensitivity settings of 25%,
35%, or 50% obscuration.
Each unit includes a wall-mounted bracket and the unit
can be installed either vertically or horizontally. It projects
its beam between 1 ft. (.3 m) and 2 ft. (.7 m) below and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection can project as wide as
30 ft. (9.1 m) on either side of the beam. The device is a
four- wire detector and it is designed to operate within a
temperature range of -22° to 131° F (-20° to 55° C).
Fire Ray Beam Detector
• Installed in a single compact housing.
• Eliminates the need to wire between the transmitter and
the receiver.
• Designed with ease of installation and beam alignment
with integral alignment aid.
• Equipped with an automatic gain control to compensate
for gradual dust build-up.
• Provides latching or non-latching alarm options.
• Controlled by a Microprocessor.
• Uses low current consumption.
• Has 12-24 VDC operating voltage.
• Allows field-selectable sensitivity settings of 25%, 35%,
or 50% per ft. obscuration.
• Projects beam ranges:
– 50RU
– 15 ft. to 160 ft. (5m to 50m)
– 100RU
– 160 ft. to 330 ft. (50m to 100m)
• Includes alarm and trouble dry contacts.
• Offers the following indicating LEDs:
- Red Alarm
- Amber Trouble
The Fire Ray Beam Detector is suitable for any open area
where the ceiling height exceeds 25 ft. such as, auditoriums, warehouses, gymnasiums, etc. Its’ compact and
unobtrusive design makes the Fire Ray beam smoke
detector ideal for use in shopping malls, libraries, hotels,
atriums, theaters, and churches.
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Description (Continued)
Ordering information
On smooth ceilings, the Fire Ray beam smoke detector
may be spaced up to 60 ft. between projected beams and
not more than one-half that spacing between a projected
beam and a side wall. Other spacing may be used
depending on the ceiling height, the airflow characteristics, and the response requirements. For additional information, refer to NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm Code.
Part Number Description
Fire Ray 50RU
Fire Ray Beam Smoke Detector
15 ft. to 160 ft. (5m to 50m)
Fire Ray 100RU
Fire Ray Beam Smoke Detector
160 ft. to 330 ft. (50m to 100m)
Replacement Prism Reflector
50RU Range:
15 ft. to 160 ft. (5m to 50m)
100RU Range:
160 ft. to 330 ft. (50m to 100m)
25%, 35%, or 50%
10 to 30 VDC, 10.2-30 VDC
4 mA maximum
14 mA maximum
14 mA maximum
Operating Voltage:
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
Trouble Current:
Alarm & Trouble Relay
Contact Ratings:
0.5 A @ 30 VAC/DC
Reset Time:
5 seconds maximum
Start-up Time:
10 seconds maximum
Operating Temperature: -22° F to 131° F
(-20° C to 55°C)
For UL Listed installations:
32° F to 100° F (0° C to 38° C)
Relative Humidity:
10-93% non-condensing
8¼” H x 4½” D x 4¾” W
(21 H x 11.5 D x 12 D cm)
Approximately 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)
Fire Ray Beam Detector
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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