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Table of Contents
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Remote Control
Mechanical Specifications
Ethernet Configuration Cable
Ethernet Configuration Information
JFW Test Program
Command Set
Error Code Listing
Additional Documents:
- Mechanical Outline Drawing
- Block Diagram
- Specification Sheet
- Sample Ethernet Configuration Session for JFW Model 50PA-152
Rev A, 10-09-06
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1 - Introduction
The JFW model 50PA-152 test system is a 16 x 4 non-blocking matrix. It consists of 16 input ports
and 4 output ports with a programmable attenuator on each of the 64 possible RF paths. Refer to
the block diagram to view the configuration. The unit is controlled remotely via Ethernet control.
The programmable attenuators can be set from 0 to 127dB in 1dB increments. All attenuators are
set to 127dB when the unit is powered on.
In the rear of the manual is located a CD. The CD contains the following:
50PA-152 Manual.PDF
50PA-152 Specification Sheet.PDF
50PA-152 Outline Drawing.PDF
50PA-152 Block Diagram.PDF
JFW test program (50PA-152.EXE)
Sample Ethernet Configuration Session for JFW Model 50PA-152.PDF
2 - Remote Control
The remote control is achieved through the ethernet connection located in the rear of the enclosure.
There are two commands for controlling the 50PA-152. The first is the set attenuation command
(SA). The second is the read attenuation (RA). Both of these commands are described in greater
detail in the "Command Set" portion of this manual. If commands are sent incorrectly to the unit,
you will receive an error message. See the "Error Code List" portion of this manual for more
details. All attenuators are set to 127dB when the unit is powered on.
3 - Mechanical Specifications
The 50PA-152 is designed in a standard 19” rack enclosure assembly to remain compatible
with most laboratory test racks. The outline drawing details all necessary package dimensions and
connector layouts.
The unit is AC powered via a 3-prong receptacle on the rear panel. A standard power cord is
supplied with the unit. The power supply itself is a universal AC power supply that can handle
input AC voltages from 100 VAC up to 240 VAC (47-63 Hz).
The 50PA-152 is also AC current protected by use of a 4 Amp “Slo-Blo” AC fuse also located on
the rear panel above the AC power receptacle. The fuse is field replaceable in the event of any
failure to the fuse. The fuse itself is a 5x20 mm “Slo-Blo” type fuse and can be ordered through
JFW or directly from Littelfuse. The Littelfuse part number is #215-004. The JFW part number is
Rev A, 10-09-06
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4 - Ethernet Configuration Cable
Included with the system should be one “Null Modem” 10 ft. cable (JFW #012-174 or
L-Com #CSNULL9MF-10). This cable is used to interface with the Ethernet Configuration Port.
The female connector will plug into the serial port on most PC’s, and the male connector will mate
to the back of the 50PA-152.
5 - Ethernet Configuration Information
This unit comes pre-programmed to the following settings:
I.P. Address
Important Note:
3001 (hard-coded into the unit and can not be changed)
An additional document “Sample Ethernet Configuration Session for JFW
Model 50PA-152.PDF” comes with this manual and is located on the CD in
PDF format. This sample session shows step by step how the Ethernet port is
Open up a terminal session through your computer’s COM port using a program like
HyperTerminal. You must use the Ethernet Configuration Cable to make the physical connection
from your COM port to the “Ethernet Config. Port” on the rear of the 50PA-152. The terminal
session should use the following COM port settings:
Baud Rate
Data Bits
Stop Bits
Flow Control
You can verify a successful connection by typing “Hello World” in the terminal window. You
should receive an echo back from the 50PA-152. The SET commands listed below can then be
used to change the network properties.
SET IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
SET NETMASK xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
SET GATEWAY xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
SET NAMESERVER xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Rev A, 10-09-06
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changes the I.P address
changes the Netmask
changes the Gateway
changes the Nameserver
6 - JFW Test Program
Nothing has to be installed onto your computer in order to run the JFW test program. Just copy the
executable file (50PA-152.EXE) from the CD that comes with this manual to any location on your
computer. Run the executable file 50PA-152.EXE to start the program.
The test program can be used to verify functionality of the 50PA-152. A picture of the test program
is shown below. Before exiting the program, it is a good idea to close any connections you have
made while using the software. This is done by clicking on the “Disconnect Ethernet” button.
The test program allows the user to control the attenuators contained in the 50PA-152. It shows the
commands as they are sent and the responses from the unit. It also allows the user to set an
attenuator to a specified attenuation value or keypress through the attenuation values. You must
enter the IP address (that you have programmed into the unit via the Ethernet programming port on
the back of the box) into the IP address window. The port default setting is 3001. The commands
are very straightforward, just enter in the attenuator value and setting in the appropriate blanks and
click. You will see the command you sent in the Data Sent window and any response in the Data
Received window. There is no response to the “set attenuation” command. A “set attenuation”
command can be verified by a query of the attenuation value using the “read attenuation” command.
Rev A, 10-09-06
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7 - Command Set
The command set is as follows:
Set Attenuator
SAx y <CR>
x = attenuator number to control
y = attenuation value to set the attenuator to
<CR> = carriage return
This command sets attenuator “x” to “y” attenuation in dB.
SA1 127 <CR>
SA2 63 <CR>
SA64 7 <CR>
There must be a space between the “x” and “y”.
There must NOT be a space between the “SA” and the “x”.
Command is not case-sensitive, but must be terminated by a carriage return.
Sets attenuator 1 to 127dB.
Sets attenuator 2 to 63dB.
Sets attenuator 64 to 7dB.
Read Attenuator
RAx <CR>
x = attenuator number to query
<CR> = carriage return
<LF> = line feed
This command returns the attenuation setting for attenuator “x”.
SA1 22 <CR>
RA1 <CR>
Sets attenuator 1 to 22dB.
Reads current setting of attenuator 1.
Sends back “22dB <CR> <LF>”.
SA64 127 <CR>
RA64 <CR>
Sets attenuator 64 to 127dB.
Reads current setting of attenuator 64.
Sends back “127dB <CR> <LF>”.
SA3 0 <CR>
RA3 <CR>
Sets attenuator 3 to 0dB.
Reads current setting of attenuator 3.
Sends back “0dB <CR> <LF>”.
There must NOT be a space between the “RA” and the “x”.
Command is not case-sensitive, but must be terminated by a carriage return
Rev A, 10-09-06
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8 - Error Code List
Error1 – Command is not formatted incorrectly.
This occurs if characters other than SA or RA appear in the buffer.
Error2 – Attenuator address out of range.
This occurs if the attenuator address following the SA or RA is not 1-64.
There are only 64 attenuators in 50PA-152.
Error3 – Attenuation value out of range.
This occurs when the attenuation value is not 0-127dB.
The programmable attenuators used in 50PA-152 have the attenuation range 0-127dB x 1dB.
Rev A, 10-09-06
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Initialization Time
After the 50PA-152 has been turned on, it will take at least 10-15 seconds for the unit to completely
initialize itself. If you send an Ethernet command while it is still initializing, the command will not
be executed.
If the 50PA-152 is installed in a system and does not seem to be functioning properly, JFW
recommends first removing the 50PA-152 and testing it by itself. This will verify that it is indeed
the 50PA-152 that is not working and not another part of the system. It is also recommended that
all testing at this stage be done with the JFW test program to help determine software
inconsistencies also.
Software Error
If the unit works with the JFW test software, then the problem is most likely in your system’s
software setup. It is very important that the command messages follow the specified format as
detailed earlier in this manual. Check your IP address, Gateway, Netmask, and Port Number.
Remember that the Port Number is hard-coded to 3001 and can not be changed.
AC Voltage Fuse
There is a AC voltage fuse located on the back panel. This fuse is rated at 250 Volts/4 Amps.
If the fuse is blown, it can be replaced per the Littlefuse #215-004 or JFW #025-018.
Unknown Error
If communication between the host computer and the 50PA-152 has been established and the
software has been verified as working properly, then the problem lies internal to the unit either with
the control board or one or more RF components. Please consult the factory at this point
for possible further troubleshooting instructions ([email protected]).
Rev A, 10-09-06
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