CMOS Divider Features Six Selectable Decades

CMOS Divider Features Six Selectable Decades
The RDD106 is a Selectable 6 Decade CMOS Divider that is an enhanced version of the RDD
104. The RDD106 operates at the higher maximum frequency of 30 MHz (compared to 6 MHz for
the RDD104) and has two additional divider modes. The additional modes are Divide by 105 and
106. The RDD106 higher operating frequency allows for using less expensive and more common
High Frequency crystals. The RDD106 is backward compatible to the RDD104.
The RDD106 features include:
9 Divide by 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, or 106 selectable using two input pins.
9 Direct clock input drive or crystal controlled oscillator input
9 Square wave output
9 Output TTL compatible at 4.5 V operation
9 10mhz input speed at 4.5V operation
9 Reset input
9 High noise immunity
9 Low Power Dissipation
Operating voltage is 3V to 15V. The RDD106 is available in Standard and RoHS compliant 8-pin
DIP or SOIC packages. Pricing at 1,000 pieces is $0.50.
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