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3 CCD Cooled Digital Color Camera
3CCD Cooled Digital Color Camera
▲ Rear cable mount model (Type number : C7780-20)
The ORCA-3CCD cooled digital color camera incorporates
three cooled CCD chips, providing the rapid readout, high
resolution and superior S/N ratio of the Hamamatsu ORCA
digital camera series. The three color CCDs employ an RGB
prism to achieve extremely high quality color representation
without color blur, a performance difficult to achieve with a
single-CCD camera. The CCDs used are the same as those
used in the ORCA series, providing proven high quantum
efficiency and high resolution, cooled to 0 °C for high
sensitivity detection. It is suitable for a wide range of
applications, from brightfield (i.e., stained pathological
specimens) to fluorescent specimens using GFP and
fluorescent antibodies.
Total 4.13 million pixels
Total 36 bit color resolution
Cooling temperature of 0 ˚C
Individual R, G, and B exposure settings
8 × 8 binning capability
9.1 frames/s full speed display
Low readout noise (13 electrons rms typ.)
Color digital time-lapse recording
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
(FRET) studies
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) studies
Simultaneous imaging of multiply-labeled cell
and tissue
▲ Sample: FluoCells Prepared Slide #1
High performance R, G, and B separation
The ORCA-3CCD incorporates three color CCDs with a RGB prism to
achieve color separation superior to that available with a conventional single
CCD with mosaic filter for microscope use.
Trichrome stained DAPI (blue), BODIPY FL (green), and MitoTracker (red)
specimens were observed simultaneously using a D-F-T triple band mirror
cassette. Separation of the color image into B, G, and R revealed admixture
of BODIPY FL (green) fluorescence in the B (blue) and R (red) channels
when using the single CCD with mosaic filter; however when the ORCA3CCD was used, skillful matching of the fluorescent dyes with the
wavelength separation prism achieved excellent color separation.
Camera head Camera controller
Image input board
Image acquisition
Commercially available
image processing software
ENG mount
TV camera adapter
▲Color separation of single CCD
▲Color separation of ORCA-3CCD
Total 4.13 million pixels
The use of three color CCDs in the ORCA-3CCD eliminates the deterioration
in B (blue) and R (red) resolution which tends to occur with single color CCDs.
The high spatial resolution of approximately 1.3 mega pixels for each of the R,
G, and B channels allows acquisition of highly detailed fluorescent images.
Cooling temperature of 0 ˚C
The ORCA-3CCD employs Hamamatsu's own cooling technology* to lower
the temperature of the CCDs to 0 ˚C. This significantly reduces the noise
characteristics often associated with long exposures, thus allowing
observation of faint levels of fluorescence.
Model name
Type number
Signal output connector position
Sensor structure
Imaging device
Effective number of pixels
Cell size
Effective area
Pixel clock rate
Frame rate
2 × 2 binning
4 × 4 binning
8 × 8 binning
Readout noise (rms)
Full well capacity
Dynamic range*
Cooling method
Cooling temperature
Dark current
A/D converter
Output signal (digital output)
Exposure time
External control
Sub array
External trigger
Lens mount
Ambient storage temperature
Ambient operating temperature
Ambient operating/storage humidity
Line voltage
Power consumption
3 chip CCD with RGB prism
Progressive scan interline CCD
1344 (H) × 1024 (V)
6.45 mm × 6.45 mm (square format)
8.67 mm × 6.60 mm (2/3-inch format)
16 MHz/pixel
9.1 frames/s
18.1 frames/s
31.8 frames/s
51.5 frames/s
13 electrons
18,000 electrons
1384 : 1
Peltier cooling with air radiation
0 ˚C at +20 ˚C ambient temperature
0.5 electrons/pixel/s
12 bit
12 bit, 10 bit and 8 bit × 3 channels parallel output
128 μs to 10 s
RS-232C (full remote for all camera functions)
2/3-inch bayonet mount (flange back 48 mm)
-10 ˚C to + 50 ˚C
0 ˚C to + 40 ˚C
70 % max. (no condensation)
100 V / 117 V / 220 V / 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Approx. 140 VA
* Calculated from the ratio of the full well capacity and the readout noise.
▲ Non-cooled digital color camera
Yellow circle: Location of dark noise
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