Adaptor - Meanwell

Installation Manual
 Type:Adaptor(Families:GS, GST, GSM, GE, GEM, OWA, MES, P, SGA)
 Introduction
Adaptor is a kind of external switching power supply, which is designed to connect pieces of electrical equipment
externally. Mean Well’s adaptor types include industrial, moisture proof, and medical.
 Installation
(1)Before attaching the DC plug of an adaptor to equipment, please unplug the adaptor from the AC power and
verify the unit is within the voltage and current rating on the equipment.
(2)Keep the linkage between the adaptor and its power cord tightly as well as connecting the DC plug to
equipment properly.
(3)Protect the power cord from being trodden on or being squashed.
(4)Keep good ventilation for the unit in use to prevent it from overheating. Also a 10-15 cm clearance must be
kept when the adjacent device is a heat source.
(5)An approved power cord should greater or equal to SVT, 3G×18AWG or H03VV-F, 3G×0.75mm2.
(6)If the final equipment is not used for long period of time, disconnect the equipment from power supply to
avoid being damaged by voltage peaks or lightning strike.
(7)For other information about the products, please refer to for details.
 Warning / Caution !!
(1)Risk of electrical shock and energy hazard. All failure should be examined by a qualified technician. Please do
not remove the case of the adaptor by yourself!
(2)Risk of fire or electrical shock. The openings should be protected from foreign objects or dripping liquids.
(3)Using wrong DC plug or forcing a DC plug into an electronic device may damage the device or cause to
malfunction. Please refer to DC plug compatibility information shown in specification sheets.
(4)Adaptors should be placed on a reliable surface. A drop or fall could cause damage.
(5)Please do not put adaptors in places with high moisture or near the water.
(6)Please do not put adaptors in places with high ambient temperature or near fire source. About the maximum
ambient temperature, please refer to their specifications.
(7)Output current and output wattage must not exceed the rated values on specifications.
(8)Disconnect the unit from the AC power before cleaning. Do not use any liquid or aerosol cleaner. Only use a
damp cloth to wipe it.
(9)Please contact your local qualified recyclers when you want to dispose this product.
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