Background Micross Components have been testing and screening

Micross Components have been testing and screening semiconductor components for
well over 30 years, and boast of a rich heritage of test equipment. Certainly the oldest
independent test house in the UK, and probably in Europe ... this doesn’t mean that our
equipment is old ... far from it. Micross Components can boast a wide range of modern
electrical and environmental test equipment. This includes the latest Credence
Diamond D10 system with 288 high speed digital pins and a plethora of analogue
resources that make this a very fast and powerful tester indeed.
With our undoubted expertise in component test and screening, our true in-house
capability stretches from simple discrete devices right up to the most complex of mixed
signal ASIC parts.
Couple this with our excellent assembly and packaging capability, and you have a
dedicated expert team for all your semiconductor supply needs, including storage,
obsolescence management and component re-design.
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Credence Diamond D10 capability.
Following TS2’s stable of complex VLSI and mixed-signal testers, TS2 are now using
their Credence Diamond D10 system in anger. The D10 system is a high-technology
EX-VLSI mixed signal tester having both a high digital pin-count coupled with a
comprehensive mixed-signal capability, permitting TS2 to rigorously test both complex
digital, analog and mixed-signal devices.
This new mixed-signal tester currently has 288 digital IO pins (each with its own
parametric subsystem and expandable up to 768 pins), plus 16 independent
Voltage/Current source units; each unit capable of behaving as a power-supply or as an
entire measurement system. A further four arbitrary waveform -generators and data
capture units in the optional multi-wave sub-system complete the line-up of
Running at digital vector speeds up to 200M bits/sec, this tester is more than capable of
tackling the most complex of mixed-signal and digital devices. Each digital IO pin has an
independent parametric measurement unit (PMU) and an independent level / timing /
format generator. The test vector depth is configured to 16Mb-per-pin having an
instruction rate of 100MHz and the vector memory has full scan-vector capability, all of
which ensures that the D10 can cope with the most complex of digital parts.
The D10 also includes a comprehensive test software suite, based upon industry
standard STIL (IEEE 1450) and C++, operating on a Linux-based PC platform.
Technical Specification
Digital sub-section
Total Digital Channels
Data Rate
Voltage Swing per pin
Drive current per pin
Waveform formats
Format sets
Timing resolution
Edge placement accuracy
Test vector depth
Scan vector depth
200 Mbps, Instruction Rate
= 100MHz
-1.5V to 6.0V, overall accuracy = 15mV
64 per edge
256, time sets = 256
19.53125ps, min pulse width = 2.5ns
16M vectors
1152M vectors in 2 chains
Analog Measurement (per pin) sub-section
Voltage Range
Current Ranges
Measurement Accuracy
8V (15mV) / 12V (25mV)
2uA, 8uA, 32uA, 128uA, 512uA, 2mA, 8mA, 25mA.
±2%, ±100nA
Power & VIS Measurement sub-section
VI Source/Measure Channels
VI Operation Limits
Voltage Ranges
Current Ranges
Measurement Accuracy (Voltage)
Measurement Accuracy (Current)
16 (gangable)
±20V @ ±300mA, ±60V @ ±100mA
±20mV, ±200mV, ±2V, ±5V
±300nA, ±3uA, ±300uA, ±3mA, ±30mA, ±300mA
± 0.06% of FSR
± 0.1% of FSR
Multiwave sub-section
Waveform Generator Channels
Waveform Generator Details
Waveform Digitizer Channels
Waveform Digitizer Details
8 single-ended or 4 differential
24-bit at up to 768kS/s, 500KHz BW,
thd<-110dB @ 1KHz, selectable filters,
Output ranges and offset up to ±10V
Overall accuracy = ± (0.1% + 800uV)
Up to 2MByte
4 differential, (8 PMU’s)
High Precision Mode
24-bit capture at up to 2.5MS/s
+/- 10V input swing
5 selectable input filters
Up to 1M Sample (LF mode)
High Frequency Mode
16-bit capture at up to 130MS/s
± 3.4V input swing
4 selectable input filters
Up to 2M Sample (HF mode)
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