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Products for tomorrow…
MEDER Company Presentation
Vision Statement
MEDER electronic is a profitable, highly innovative leader in the
Reed Technology market. We produce a wide range of
Reed Relays, Reed Sensors and Reed Switches for many
Our long years of experience, technical knowledge and the
expertise of our employees ensure competent service with
excellent quality and very reliable products.
We offer a complete line of standard products and are quick to
develop customer specific products catering to our customer
needs and their new applications.
Group overview
founded 1981 in Singen/Htwl. / Germany
450 employees worldwide
Company History
 In 1981 Bernhard Meder founded a
Sales and Repair Service for Radio
and Communication Systems
 In 1986 Foundation of the subsidiary
MEDER electronic AG in Switzerland
 In 1987 Acquisition of the Reed Relay
producer ESF Weidner
 In the following years: Foundation of
subsidiaries in Italy, Hong Kong,
Czech Republic, United States,
 In 1995 Acquisition of ELFEIN GmbH
in Frankfurt/Main
 In 2000 Certification according to QS
 In 2001 building up of Reed Switch
Manufacturing and production start
 2007 Founding of MEDER-GHL
electronic (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in China
Own offices and plants
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Organization MEDER Group
Group guidelines
What makes the companies of the MEDER electronic holding so special?
MEDER electronic has the broadest global presence of any company in the industry, with
offices in over 10 countries and business partners that span the entire globe. MEDER is
one of only a few specialized high quality reed switch manufacturers worldwide and the
largest global distributor for OKI reed switches offering the most widespread selection of
reed switch solutions. Our unique manufacturing capabilities, cohesive team development
atmosphere and global presence, set MEDER apart from the competition.
How do we see us in the future?
In a market with increased trends for smaller size, greater product reliability and low energy
consumption, all fundamental reed switch characteristics, MEDER is eagerly anticipating the
development of new reed switch products that meet tougher applications.
What makes up the success of our company?
We strive to develop new products and custom solutions at the highest quality, continually
meeting the newest demands of our customers while encompassing numerous markets.
Our approach to new product development utilizes the latest technologies along with our
extensive engineering and application expertise to ensure that reed switch technology
continues to evolve: Hence we bring you products for tomorrow…
What is important in our everyday working life?
Our employees are at the forefront of our success and high quality standards. Through their
comprehensive experience, commitment and collective teamwork based on trust, MEDER
electronic has experienced continuous growth and innovation for more than 25 years.
Turnover / Revenue
Global Revenues
Million USD
Share of Turnover by Product Category
Reed Relays
Alternative energy; 3%
Medical; 3%
Instrumentation; 11%
Agriculture and
Equipment; 1%
White goods; 6%
Industrial; 35%
IT; 3%
Safety and Security ; 7%
Automotive; 24%
Consumer electronics;
Test & Measurement;
Share of Turnover by Market Segment
1% Holland
Australia &
New Zealand
Belgium & NorwaySweden Finland
Czech & Hungary
Great Britain4%
U.S. & Canada
Share of Turnover by countries
Success factors / Competitive
Success factors
Excellent quality and very reliable products
Technical knowledge and competence
Product availability and service
Market segment orientation
Any form of plastic housing is possible – our own tool making and
plastic molding
Customized solutions (concepts!)
Competitive Advantages
Broad range of standard solutions
Customer specific solutions and concepts
Competent service and high level expertise of our employees
Many years of experience around Reed
Product groups
Reed Switches
Reed Sensors
Reed Relays
The Basic Reed Switch
 A pair of low loss
ferromagnetic reed blades
hermetically sealed in a
glass envelope and filled
with inert gas
 Ends will assume opposite
magnetic polarity when
under influence of a
magnetic field
 When the magnetic flux
density across the gap is
sufficient the reed blades will
make contact
Total market volume:
Approx. 1 Billion switches
The Basic Reed Switch
Reed Switch with a
permanent magnet
Reed Switch with a coil
Areas of Pull In and Drop Out with
In a Reed Relay, the Reed Switch
uses an electromagnetic coil for
Reed Switches
Advantages of Reed Switches
No physical contact between sensing units necessary
No power supply required
Hermetically closed, no influence of dust or corrosion. Stands
for long term reliability in heavy duty environment.
Also suitable to switch very very low current and voltage ( low
level applications).
High life expectancy on the switch(Low-Level >10e9)
High magnetic sensitivity, so good size distance between switch
and magnet possible. Up to 50mm possible.
No switching noise
High temp application up to 150° C and higher
Low contact resistance
Small size
Inexpensive solution
Passive, no external electrical power required to close the
Reed Sensors
MK21 Reed Sensor for high temperature
• Temperature up to 160°C (molded Version)
• Resistant to water, fuels, oils, ink and most
• High Switching capacity up to 400 VDC,
10W, 1A
• Standard dimensions:
(LxWxH: 28.6 x 19.0 x 6.35mm)
• UL – approved
Reed Sensors
Reed Sensors for
high temperature
Reed Sensors
for metal
Reed Sensors
panel mount
Reed Sensors
Cylindrical panel
mount form
Reed Sensors
Threaded mount
Reed Sensors
Automotive Application examples
Level Sensors:
• Brake fluid
• Oil
• Cooling system
• Fountain Solution case
• Gas
• Reserve display
Position Sensors:
• Top control
• Sunroof
• Gear selector level
• Emergency brake
• Tank cap
• Window position
• Electric window lift
• Inflation pressure control
• Belt / belt buckle
Reed Relays
Functionality of a Reed Relay
• The control circuit will be activated by a relay coil ( 3… 48V)
• This generates a magnetic field, which activates and closes the
ferromagnetic contact leads
• Load circuit is closed
• If the coil power is disconnected again, the contact leads
• will return to their mechanical rested and normally open state
• Load circuit is opened again
Reed Relays
Assembling on the basis of a DIL Relay
Reed Switch
Bottom plate
Reed Relays
Finished DIL - Relay
New Products - Reed Switches
KSK-1A04 – The Smallest Reed Switch with Flat Terminal Leads
A glass length of only 4mm makes the KSK-1A04 Series the smallest
Reed Switch with flat terminal leads presently on the market. Its flat
contact terminals make it suitable for all SMD layouts and for
automatic assembly.
Typical applications for this Reed Switch are contactless sensors for
position detection and as a limit switch in conjunction with a
permanent magnet. It is especially suitable for all low-power
applications in miniature devices, medical technologies, or in any
fields where space constraints are an issue.
KSK-1A35/1 – with higher switching and breakdown voltage
The Reed Switch KSK-1A35/1 series with a glass length of 10.5
mm, a diameter of 2.1 mm and flat conections is optimised for SMD
mounting. The new series /1 has a higher switching voltage from
200 to 350 VDC and a higher minimum breakdown voltage from
220 to 450 VDC.
New Products - Reed Sensors
MK24 Reed Sensor
Though ultra miniature, the MK24 is constructed of a rugged overmolded
package containing the hermetically sealed reed switch.
In addition to their high performance and ultra miniature size, the MK24
requires no external power to operate making them especially suitable in
applications with low power and space limitation requirements such as in
portable medical and electronic devices. These sensors are used as a
control switch or non-contact magnetic proximity sensor for counting,
position, limit and liquid level detection applications.
MMS Series – Smallest Reed Sensor worldwide
World‘s first Micro Machined Sensor; measures only
2.5mm x 2.0mm x 1.25 mm; designed for switching low power
devices where size is critical, e.g. telecommunication, medical
New Products - Reed Sensors
Reed Sensor MK02 Series Expansion
MK02/6 and MK02/7 are the expansion of metal detector reed sensor
MK02, with 85% smaller package
The MK02 Metal Detection Reed Sensors have expanded with the
addition of two new PCB mount packages. No external magnet is
required. This rugged sensor has a patented design that will detect
magnetically conductive metal.
The MK02 Series is a non-contact position and proximity
sensor. Formerly only available in five different screw flange mount style
packages, the MK02 is now also available in four additional PCB through
hole mount versions (MK02/6 and MK02/7). The smallest PCB mount
version is 85% smaller than the MK02/5. The MK02 Series is currently
MEDER’s only series that works like a metal detection sensor. These
metal detection sensors have a patented design that is used to detect the
presence of magnetically conductive metals, eliminating the need for a
permanent magnet used in a conventional reed sensor to actuate the reed
switch. This metal detection sensor series requires no power to operate
and is an excellent alternative to inductive proximity sensors.
New Products - Reed Sensors
Reed Sensor MK11 in Brass Version
MK11 Series Threaded Reed Sensors are even more diversified with
the addition of a new brass version MK11/B
The MK11 Series Sensors are supplied in a threaded style housing with
accompanying hardware, allowing for easy and exact adjustment in limit
switch, end position and proximity sensing applications. Branching out
from the plastic and stainless steel styles, the MK11 Series Threaded
Reed Sensors are even more diversified with the addition of a new brass
version MK11/B. More affordable and structurally robust, the brass
housing is able to withstand higher torque settings, and resist high
temperatures, moisture and compression. Furthermore, the brass
housing’s non-ferromagnetic properties also eliminate any potential
magnetic switching interferences.
In addition to the added stability, theMK11/B also comes in four metric
thread sizes M6, M8, M10 and M12. While the standard MK11/B series
brass version is equipped with a 500mm long, round PVC cable, many
other wire termination and connector options similar to our other sensors
series are available. A full range of SPST and SPDT power switching
options are available using our KSK Series Reed Switches.
New Products - Reed Relays
SMD Relays
The MEDER CRF Reed Relay Series is a low-profile device made with a
ceramic case that exactly matches the thermal coefficient of expansion of the
Reed Switch glass and the reed lead to eliminate any potential packaging
stress. This Reed Relay is the smallest in the industry and switches in the
billions of operations. The relay has 1 mV typical thermal offset voltage.
Measuring only 8.6mm x 4.4 mm x 3.4 mm, the leadless design eliminates
skewing of leads and co-planarity issues.
KT Relays – High voltage Reed Relays with high insulation and high
minimum breakdown voltage
SMD type
high strike and creep distances
high minimum breakdown voltage in smallest design
applications in Solar- and Automotivetechnology
UMS Ultra Mini SIL Relay
Ultra-Mini Sip
Internal MAG Shield
Integrated Diode
New Products – Level Sensors
and magnetic floats
NBR Magnetic floats
NBR- An advanced material for level sensors
Some important characteristics of liquid level sensors or float-style
sensors are it’s sensing points, stable buoyancy, specific gravity, and
resistance to heat, oil, fuels and various other chemicals. These apply to
both the magnetic float and stem.
MEDER electronic is now providing a better level sensing solution with
the use of a Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) float switch magnet. NBR
Floats have excellent resistance to petroleum-derived liquids such as oil
and gasoline and can also be used in high temperature
applications. NBR is more compatible with these hostile conditions than
existing floats made of Polyamide (PA) and Polypropylene (PP), :
The LS04 series is a magnetically operated Liquid level sensor for
monitoring multiple liquid levels. Up to 5 floats are used in one sensor.
Versions from different materials and cables are available.
New Products – Level Sensors
New Stainless Steel Compact Level Sensor LS02
This compact LS02 Level Sensor Series is now in more applications
with the release of a new stainless steel version. The stainless steel
sensor paired with the MS09 (V2A) stainless magnetic float will resist
high temperatures up to 120°C and harsh chemicals making it ideal in
industries such as Food & Beverage and Laboratory.
Mount it vertically in the top or bottom of a tank or reservoir to detect the
low and high levels of fluid in a container. In addition to the stainless
steel float, this LS02 stainless sensor can also be paired with any of our
Polyamide (PA), Polypropylene (PP) or Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
floats such as the MS01-PA, MS01-PP, MS02-PA, MS02-PP, MS01NBR, MS02-NBR.
Printed information
- Everything you need in one book!
MEDER Databook
Complete book including all specifications
applications and everything you need to know
about Reed Switch Technology.
MEDER Shortform
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