Dimensions(規格圖): Type of Lever(搖柄規格圖):

Model(型號): RKJXK3A01
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Lowest-cost version of 3-dimensional coordinate type type joystick controllers . Spring
return device and dust-proof rubber cover are fitted as standard version.
Various kinds of measuring devices, electromotive wheelchairs, robot
operations ,precision machine tools ,etc. crane operations , industrial
vehicles ,civil engineering and construction machinery ,etc.
Dimensions(規格圖 ):
Type of Lever(搖柄規格圖 ):
Specifications( 規格)
Electrical Characteristics [ 電氣性能 ]
Total resistance [ 全阻抗值 ]
Total resistance tolerance [ 全阻抗值容許差 ]
Ratings power(w) [ 額定功率 ]
Resistance taper [ 阻抗變化特性 ]
Residual resistance [ 殘留阻值]
Sliding noise [滑動雜音]
Insulation resistance [絕緣阻抗]
Withstanding voltage [耐電壓]
Max. operating voltage [最高使用電壓]
全阻值 3%Ω Max.
300mV Max
>500MΩ (250V.D.C.)
1 minute at AC 250V
AC 50V
Mechanical Characteristics [ 机械性能 ]
Operation torque [ 回轉力矩 ]
Rotation stopper strength [ 止動強度 ]
Switch Travel [ 開關移動量 ]
3Kgf.cm Min
0.5 mm
Endurance Characteristics [ 耐久性能 ]
Rotational life [ 回轉壽命 ]
More than3,000,000 cycles
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