Custom Designed Resistor Partial List Power Three Terminal

Custom Designed Resistor Partial List
Aluminum housed heater with flexible leads. Used as optics package heater in severe-environment
security cameras
Standard 50W aluminum housed or “chassis mount” resistor with custom flying (flexible) leads
Three Terminal Resistors
Custom duel wire wound resistor package with three terminals. Application on the AMRAAM
High Temperature Precision
High temperature transducer compensation resistors available in low TC and various high-TC
versions using Evanohm, Balco, platinum, and nickel wires (see also the Joule description).
Available in radial (black) and PC (red) lead configurations.
Custom Shunt
Custom designed shunt resistor with manganin resistor element and brass mounting blocks.
Special shaped shunt with duel manganin wires, silicone/fiberglass insulating sleeve and
specially shaped ring terminals. Application in the welding industry.
Custom Network
Special, qualified high-temperature 11-resistor network. Complete quality-controlled aerospace
missile application requiring QCI testing on each production lot.
Temp Sensing
Special temp-sensing resistor using a threaded brass bobbin with integral mounting screw head and
high TC RediSeal wire (3500ppm/°C). Used in commercial oven (pizza) application.
Custom temp-sensing resistor with brass heat-transmitting shell. Wound with Balco wire (TC =
Custom designed wire wound gas flow sensor. The sensor is a precision tube with two platinum
wire windings (TC = 3800ppm/°C). Applications in semiconductor production gas doping.
Custom Package
Special “banana plug” resistor used to configure a test board by easily adding or removing the
Metal Element
Showing various form shapes for the MSR low-ohm metal element product line.
Joule Rated
Special joule–rated part with custom soldered, flexible lead terminations. Joule-rated parts are
designed survival under high current or voltage spike applications (lightning strike, motor start-up
Heater Chip
Custom thick film heater chip with special surface mount leads. Applications in the severeenvironment security camera industry to prevent fogging of the camera optics package.
Fuse Resistors
Special fusible resistor with tight fusing characteristics, clear plastic housing and complete mil/aero
qualification documentation for US missile project.
Four Leads
Duel precision resistor package with four leads.