Capacitor main defect factor

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Capacitor main defect factor
Below table is showed a capacitor main defect factor.
Defect factor
In case of capacitor ambient temperature is higher than permission
ambient temperature
Using environment
-> High voltage power capacitor -20℃ ~ 40℃
-> Low voltage power capacitor -25℃ ~ 45℃
Dust sticking
Arc by bad contact, abnormal noise
Over heat by loose wire connection
Unsuitable interval in parallel installation
Incongruence installation
Over capacity(over leading)
Differential with series reactor capacity
Switch incongruence
Radiation from heating element of transformer and series reactor
Abnormal voltage
Surge voltage from lightning, circuit breaker, switch
Short and grounding fault in system
Very frequently used for make and break
Make and break in short time(re-input minimum time)
- High voltage power capacitor : more than 5 min
- Low voltage power capacitor : more than 3 min
External cause
Construction cause
Contact with small animal and conductivity material
Oil leakage
Early defect by using material
Nature trouble
Shorten life
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