Industrial CAT5E Ethernet Cabling

Product Data Sheet
Industrial Connectivity
Industrial CAT5E Ethernet Cabling
Provided by Sixnet master distributor A.E. Petsche, our CAT5E kevlar-reinforced super cable protects Ethernet
connections indoors and out. Designed to resist UV rays, water and microbial penetration, our rugged cable is strong
yet flexible to deliver extreme reliability in harsh industrial and
military applications.
Product Highlights
Industrial Connectivity Product Highlights
Kevlar-reinforced for superior pulling strength
Category 5E for up to 1000BaseT connections
Doubled shielded for the best noise immunity
High flexibility for easy routing and repeated bending
Common Applications
Industrial automation and control
Railway (on-board and track-side)
Maritime, marine and off-shore
Military and aerospace
Process, machine and motion control
Rugged for the Harshest Applications
Protect Ethernet connections
Provide superior jacket protection
Category 5E for up to 1000BaseT
Resists UV, hydrolysis and microbial
Super Strong Highly Flexible Design
Flexes to failure
Offers superior pulling strength
IEC 61156-1 standards
Bend radius 110 mm
Dielectric strength: 700 VAC/1 minute
Cable - Mechanical
Conductors: 4 pair, stranded (19 x 0.13 mm)
Conductor size: 24 AWG (0.25 mm2)
Conductor material: tinned copper
Insulation: color coded per TIA/EIA-568-B
(Blue+white, orange+white, green+white, brown+white)
Insulation size: OD 0.04” (1 mm) nominal
Insulation material: cellular polyethylene (PE)
Construction: Pairs cabled with Kevlar-strength strands and separation tape wrapped
Inner shield: polyester-aluminum, 100% coverage
Outer shield: tin copper braid, 80% coverage
Jacket material: special yellow polyurethane (FR-PU)
Jacket rating: low-smoke, HFFR (halogen-free, flame-retardant), UL94V-0
Jacket protection: resists UV, hydrolysis and microbial
Jacket chemical resistance: Highly resistant to many chemicals and substances (organic and inorganic)
Weight: 0.04 lbs/ft (61 Kg/Km)
Outer diameter (OD): 0.28” (7.1 mm) nominal
Min. bend radius – install: 2.7” (67 mm) ( 9.5 x OD)
Min. bend radius – operation: 1.4” (35 mm) (5.1 x OD)
Flexes to failure: meets IEC 61156-1 (>10,000 cycles, 1 Kg load, bend radius 110mm)
Operating temperature: -50°C to 85°C (-10° to 70°C during installation)
Safety compliance: UL444/CSA C22.2-214, CE
Flame test compliance: UL 1581 VW-1, IEC 60332.1
Cable - Electrical
Compliance: category 5E per TIA / EIA-568-B, ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61156-6
EMI/RFI protection: IEC 61156-5/6 Type II and level 2 of TCL (50 dB)
Attenuation and N.E.X.T.
See datasheet
DC resistance: 96 Ohms/Km @ 20°C
Impedance: 100 +/- 15 Ohms (1-100 MHz)
Capacitance: 46 pF/m nominal @ 1 KHz
LCL: 43 dB minimum @ 64 KHz
Voltage rating: 230 Vrms
Dielectric strength: 700 VAC/1 minute
Insulation resistance: 5000 MOhm-Km minimum
Insulation resistance: 5000 MOhm-Km minimum
Velocity of propagation: 68% - 75% nominal
Propagation delay: 5.4 nS/m maximum @ 100 MHz
Diff. delay skew: 0.35 nS/m max. @ 1-100 MHz
Capacitance unbalance: 3.2 pF/m maximum @ 1 KHz
Resistance unbalance: 2% maximum @ 20°C
Return loss: 0.19 dB/m min. @ 100 MHz
Spark test: 3 K
RJ45 Plug for Cordsets
Connector type: RJ45 plug, shielded
Contact material: phosphor bronze (CuSn)
Contact plating: gold (Au) 1.3 um (50u")
Contact under-plating: nickel (Ni)
Housing material: polycarbonate, UL94V-0
Durability/Mating cycles: 500 cycles minimum
Max. current and voltage: 1.5 A and 125 V
Withstand voltage: 1000 VAC
Contact resistance: 20 milliohms maximum
Insulation resistance: 500 megohms minimum
Hazardous substances: ELV and RoHS compliant
All specifications are subject to change. Contact Sixnet to learn more.
Order Guide
- - Contact A.E. PETSCHE at +1 937 431 5430 to order - -
Part Number
100 meter bulk reel - Industrial Ethernet Cabling
300 meter bulk reel - Industrial Ethernet Cabling
CAT5E cordsets with connectors (example: EB-CAT5E-10CD)
# = length in meters up to 100
C = 1 mail RJ45 connector
D = D38999/26WA35PN cadmium finish (RoHS versions available - contact A.E. Petsche)
G = Aero 8 pin AE90-365-BN9-9PN cadmium finish (RoHS versions available - A.E. Petsche)