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Report No.: 07KFS018
Summary of testing:
This component has been judged on the basis of the required spacings in the Standard for Safety of
Information Technology Equipment CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1:2003 and UL60950-1:2003 and/or
IEC 60950-1:2001 (1st Edition) and/or EN 60950-1:2001 and/or DIN/EN60950-1:2003 and
EN60950-1:2006, IEC60950-1:2005
The products were tested on a 35 A source. If the units will be used at a source greater than this
additional testing will be necessary. The units are specified for the following fuses in front of the units:
5V models: 500mA slow blow; 12V models: 200mA slow blow.
The secondary output circuits are separated from mains by reinforced insulation for 300Vrms and
rated SELV non hazardous energy levels. The reinforced insulation for 300Vrms is achieved by
potting material and minimum 2mm distance in transformer.
The units are provided with single output or dual output.
The units are for built in use.
The transformer were considered as temperature class A. So in addition no tempcycle test has to
be performed on potting material.
The units are provided with pins for soldering on PCB.
The equipment has been evaluated for use in a Pollution Degree 2 and overvoltage category II
environment and a maximum altitude of 2000 m.
A suitable Electrical and Fire enclosure shall be provided in the end equipment.
The product was evaluated for a maximum ambient of 70 °C This temperature test was performed
with units soldered on PCB. For operating the units above this specified ambient temperature the units
operate with specified derating according specification with 4% per Kelvin.
For testing the following models were used:
1.6.2 and 4,5: The measurements were done with units of single and dual output units of highest
output voltage (15 /+15Vdc) and with highest output current (5Vdc / 200mA and +5Vdc/ +100mA). Same
procedure was done with models of 12Vdc input.
5.3: These measurements were done with models of highest output voltage and efficiency.
So the most critical conditions were tested.
TRF No.:IECEN60950_1B
TRF originator: SGS Fimko