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GPS L1 Band Active Patch Module
Description / Application
This is a 10mm X 10mm Active Patch Module for GPS L1 Band frequencies. This can be used in portable navigation & tracking
applications. The module consists of a circularly polarized patch antenna and a single stage Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). It comes
with a U.FL cable and an IPX / Hirose equivalent connector.
We can assist your engineers to optimize mounting positions for these antennas in your specific application and can further
customize the antennas for your specific needs. Please contact [email protected] with your specific application
Electrical Properties
Operating Frequency
Approximate Antenna Impedance [Ω]
LNA Gain [dBi] (Typical)
Active Antenna Peak Gain [dBi]
Voltage [V] (Typical)
Current [mA] (Typical)
1567 – 1583 MHz
24 dBi
21 dBi @ Zenith
3 ± 0.5 V
13 mA @ 3V
Noise Figure [dB] (Typical)
1.8 dB
Axial Ratio [dB] (Typical)
3 dB
Mechanical / Environmental Properties
Patch Dimensions
Module Dimensions
Operating / Storage Temperature
Hazardous Materials
Rev: 2.0
Created on: March 27, 2014
10.8mm X 10.8mm X 4mm
10.8mm X 10.8mm X 6.5mm
100mm long 1.13mm OD Micro Co-ax
IPX / Hirose equivalent
-40 C to +90 C
IP67 rated; Meets standards for UL 94V-0
RoHS Compliant
Created by: MKS
Approved by: BP
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Pictures of the Antenna
Rev: 2.0
Created on: March 27, 2014
Created by: MKS
Approved by: BP
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