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M ot i o n Co p r o C e s s o r
A powerfully freeing
way to do sensor
fusion on mobile
For unparalleled sensor fusion that consumes
only 1% as much power as other processors.
SENtral is a powerfully
freeing way of doing
sensor fusion.
SENtral saves power. With top-ofthe-line embedded
9-axis sensor
fusion algorithms,
SENtral is an
extremely lowpower motion
coprocessor that
completely offloads
all motion sensor management and
fusion work from your application
processor thus saving you loads of
power and a ton of headaches.
Because it’s an ultra low-power chip
tailor-made for motion sensor
fusion, it fuses and continuously
auto-calibrates the sensors for
always-on requirements. All at a
small fraction of the power of even
a low power microcontroller sensor
In fact SENtral draws less than 1%
of the power of 9-axis sensor
fusion running on a Cortex M0
processor running less robust
fusion algorithms without
continuous auto-calibration. It
moves 9-axis sensor fusion work
off the application processor or hub
processor onto an ultra low-power
coprocessor that’s 100 times more
power efficient, consuming less
than 100 µA.
Essential to the always-on
requirements of motion sensors
in mobile devices and the low power
requirements of wearable devices.
SENtral runs “best-in-class” 9axis sensor fusion with 2 degrees
of accuracy. Using continous autocalibration technology, it polls
individual sensors, integrating,
fusing and filtering their data with
patented Kalman filter algorithms.
SENtral uses much faster sampling
rates to deliver output that is
lightening quick, accurate and
immune to magnetic interference.
Works with any
sensor from any
The SENtral
makes it practical
because it
supports virtually all gyroscopes,
accelerometers and magnetic
sensors from virtually any vendor. It
allows you the control and flexibility
you need.
Sensor fusion that won’t hold you
up. For many customers, working
out the subtleties of sensor
integration, signal enhancement,
calibration, magnetic interference,
sensor drift and power consumption
has proven to be more difficult than
first thought. It’s time consuming
work that can delay product
Made with real world expertise.
SENtral’s 9-axis sensor fusion
technology is custom engineered by
PNI Sensor, a leading expert in high
end sensor fusion, and is built on a
tailor-made ultra low-power
coprocessor from EM
Microelectronic, experts in
producing ultra-low power
microelectronic components.
It’s powerfully freeing
Operating Specifications1
2° rms
Data Update Rate
400 Hz Max
<1 video frame
Heading, Pitch, & Roll,
Rotation Matrix,
Sensor Data
Variable Kalman Update Rate
Supply Voltage (VDD)
30Hz Max
1.6 to 3.3 VDC
800 µA
<100 µA at 7Hz Kalman update
5 µA
PNI Sensor Corporation is the leader in
the exacting science of producing
pinpoint heading and orientation
technology and algorithms for the
consumer, military, scientific and
oceanography communities. Building
on decades of patented sensor
development, PNI offers highly
accurate magneto inductive sensor
systems and 9-axis sensor fusion
technology. Its products are used in
consumer electronics, robotics,
surveying, navigation and automotive
applications across the globe. To learn
more, please visit
I2C Interface Frequency
Operating Temperature
100 to 3400 kHz
1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 mm
-40 to +85 C
1. Specifications are subject to change.
Founded in 1975, EM Microelectronic
is a division of Swatch Group of
Switzerland designing and producing
several hundreds of millions of
miniaturized, ultra-low power
integrated circuits annually for more
than 150 customers in 35 countries. It
is today a leader in supplying
electronic circuits for battery operated
and field-powered applications.
EM produces standards as well as
customer specific ICs for applications
in the field of consumer and industrial
electronics, automotive,
telecommunications, and computer
peripherals industries. The company
is certified to the international
standards ISO9001:2000 and ISO/
TS16949:2002. To learn more, please
PNI Sensor Corporation
2331 Circadian Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone: +1-707-566-2260
EM Microelectronic
Rue des Sors 3
2074 Marin
Phone: +41(0)32 755 5111