Datasheet - Weidmuller

Wireless Meshed Multi I/O and Gateway
Weidmuller’s WI-I/O-9-U2 combines multi I/O and/or gateway
functionality with the reliability of secure, scalable mesh distance
communications. The WI-I/O-9-U2 IP-based addressing provides
mesh/self-healing of network communications, multihop repeating
and remote over the air re-configuration and diagnostics. The
WI-I/O-9-U2 is further complemented by its ease of commissioning and integration into existing plant infrastructure.
• 902-928MHz, FHSS, IP based, wireless mesh technology
to 115kbps
• Self-healing, repeatable, secure communications to 128bit AES
• User friendly operation with self discovery of radio path and
expansion I/O
• Remote over the air re-configuration, firmware upgrade and
fault analysis
• Scalable, simple to complex, and point to multipoint
network design
• Block Mapping and Block Messaging technology for ease of
system integration
• I/O and/or gateway functionality via feature key upgrade
• System wide view, localized I/O referencing, and printing/
exporting of configuration
Weidmuller, Canada
Weidmuller, Mexico
Weidmuller, United States
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Telephone: (800) 268-4080
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Wireless I/O
General Specifications
• F
requency: 902-928MHz Frequency Shift Keying (FSK):
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Channels/Hop Sets: 50 x 250kHz; 2 frequency channels.
• Power: transmit power 1 W, approved to FCC Part 15.247,
• Sensitivity: -109dBm; FER = 12%
• Max. Range (line-of-sight): USA/Canada/Mexico - 4W ERP,
20+ miles
• Data Rate: 19,200bps baud: 28,800, 57,600, 115,200 kbps)
• Antenna Connector: SMA female coaxial
• Temperature: -40 to 60ºC / -40 to 140ºF
• Humidity: 0-99% RH
• Regulatory Approvals: EMC FCC Part 15, AS3548,
89/336/EEC, EN 301 489
• C
ertifications: CSA Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas
• Housing: IP40, High Density Thermoplastic
5.91” x 7.09” x 1.38” (180 x 150 x 35mm) with DIN-rail mounting
• Removable terminals: up to 2.5 mm2 (12 AWG) wires
• LED indication: Power, RF, RS232, RS485, D I/O (P I/O), A I/O
Security and Configuration
Data encryption: 64bit; 128bit AES
Password: https accessibility
User Configuration: Web page; software configuration
(168 mm)
(177 mm)
(35 mm)
(150 mm)
Wireless I/O
WI-I/O-9-U2 Meshed Multi I/O and Gateway
Quicker, more cost effective commissioning.
Configuring and commissioning time/effort on the WI-I/O-9-U2
has been designed for ease of customer use and cost savings
during commissioning. The configuration utility allows for simple
nomination of I/O points origin and destination with automatically
detecting and routing the most efficient path to the destination
node. This is complemented by periodic interrogation for optimal
path verification, quick recovery of network communications and
automatic detection of expansion I/O (Weidmuller’s WI-I/O-EX-1-S).
It also incorporates efficient ‘change of state’ radio communications and user configurable I/O or register periodic reporting of link
status (ie update time). All combine to ensure the user is in charge
of network communications.
Radio network efficiency and commissioning of the WI-I/O-9-U2
into legacy process control/automation networks is aided with
block mapping and block messaging technology.
Block mapping technology allows end-users to gather related,
non-contiguous data points/registers, into a single radio message
structure and scatter these points at receiving devices for ease
of integration (eg PLC logic, SCADA tags).
Block Mapping Technology
1 Message
Block mapping technology enables non-contiguous data to be transferred between network
devices reducing re-programming time and associated costs.
Configuration is user friendly by nominating and labelling origin and destination points, and
IP-based addressing finds the most efficient route.
Remote/local configuration, upgrade and analysis.
Weidmuller’s IP-based addressing further aids in cost reduction
providing remote analysis and/or upgrade. A user may perform
remote or local over the air re-configuration and interrogation of
nodes for diagnostics and firmware upgrade. User nominated
localized referencing of I/O and system wide network viewing
aids in fault analysis and exporting/printing of node configuration
is supported.
Block mapping technology is complemented by block messaging
technology allowing end users to select continuous, related, I/O
and registers for forwarding to receiving devices in a single
message. Both block mapping and block messaging combine
with highly efficient ‘change of state’, dense capacity radio
messaging capabilities in providing scalable system design for
ever growing application needs.
Block Messaging Technology
2nd Block Message
1st Block Message
Process network
Block messaging communicates continuous blocks of data improving the efficiency of radio
band use and even more scalable network design.
Remote LAN
Cost effective, distance IP based mesh networks.
The WI-I/O-9-U2 combines distance, 900MHz, IP mesh communications with ease of configuration, local/remote over the air
re-configurability, firmware upgrade and diagnoses of nodes in
the network.
Featuring Weidmuller’s IP-based addressing technology with
its innovations in network communications efficiency, the
WI-I/O-9-U2 provides for scalable network design for
process control and automation base applications.
Locate LAN
Local/remote over the air re-configuration,
firmware upgrade and fault analysis with
automatic detection of expansion I/O to
reduce overheads.
Automatic detection
of expansion I/O
Wireless I/O
Technical data
opto-isolated (5kV) inputs suitable for voltage free contacts or NPN transistor
Up to 8 DI (Configurable),
On-state Voltage <2.1V Wetting, Current 5mA
“floating” differential inputs, common mode voltage 27V, 24VDC for powering
external loops provided, digital filtering 1 sec.
4 AI (2 differential: 2 single ended)
resolution 14bits; accuracy 0.1%
Current Range - 0-24mA
Voltage Range: AI 1,2: 0-25V, AI 3,4: 0-5V
Pulse: (configurable Digital Inputs)
4 PI
DI 1,2: Max. Pulse rate 50kHz, Pulse width min 10us
DI 3,4: Max. Pulse rate 1kHz, Pulse width min 0.2ms
Up to 8 DO (Configurable)
FET (30V DC @ 200mA max.)
On-state Voltage - DO Max: 30 V DC
Wetting Current - DO Max: 200mA
current sink to common, max loop voltage 27V, max loop resistance 1000 ohms
2 AO 0-24mA;
resolution 13bits; accuracy 0.1%
FET 30VDC 200mA max 10kHz
4 PO
DO 1, 2 Max. Pulse rate 50kHz, Pulse width min. 10µs
DO 3, 4 Max. Pulse rate 1kHz, Pulse width min 0.2ms
Power Supply
Battery supply
Normal supply
Battery charging circuit
Average Current Draw
Transmit Current Draw Internal monitoring
12-15V DC
15-30V DC, over-voltage and reverse power protected
included for 1.2-12 AHr sealed battery
220mA @ 12V DC (Idle), 110mA @ 24V DC (Idle)
500mA @ 12V DC (1W), 250mA @ 24V DC (1W)
power fail and battery voltage
An internal DC/DC converter provides 24V DC 150mA for analog loop supply.
RS232 connection
RS485 connection
Ethernet Port
EIA-562 (RJ45 connector)
max cable distance 2000 m terminal connections
USB Port
General Data
USB-B connector for configuration
Transmit Power
Receive Sensitivity
Channel Spacing
Data Rate
Range (LoS)
Operating Temperature
EMC Standards
1mW (+0dBm) to 1W (+30dBm)
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
-109dBm @ 19.2Kbps (3% FER)
50 x 250 KHz
19.2-115.2 Kbps “Auto Mode” selects fastest rate possible relative to RSSI
32Km (20 mi.) @ 1W
-40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
EN 300 683; FCC Part 15; AS 3548; 89/336/EEC
Class 1 Div 2 ,CE, IEC60950, IECex
DIN-rail mounting
Power, RF, RS232, RS485, D I/O (P I/O), A I/O
1 x SMA female coaxial
180 x 150 x 35 (5.91 x 7.09 x 1.38)
LED indication
Antenna connector
Dimensions mm (in)
serial port 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
10/100 BaseT; RJ45 - IEEE 802.3
Ordering Data
Wireless Mesh I/O 8 DI/O, 4AI, 2AO, 1-4 PI/O
Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway (software Add-on)
TCP Adaptor (Type T Thermocouple Add-on)
Part No.
WI-I/O 9-U2 TC
For detailed information on Expansion Modules, Antennas and Accessories,
see LIT0705NA 10/2011
Subject to technical changes • 03/12-LIT1206E