Wireless I/O
Performance, Integrity, Security
Powerful, Flexible, Easy-to-use
• Small I/O capability - use where simple
one-way link is required
• Powerful 900MHz frequency-hopping
1W transmitter
• Factory configured as matched pair,
or user-configurable
• Use with Wireless I/O and Wireless Gateway
family– up to 3000 units per network
WI-I/O 9-L-T Transmitter Unit
• Two digital/pulse inputs, one analog input
(4-20mA, 0-5V), and one thermocouple mV input
• LED indication of radio signal strength
WI-I/O 9-L-R Receiver Unit
• Three digital contact outputs and one analog
output (4-20mA)
• LED indication of radio signal strength
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D ss 1
AP iv. 2
Specifications WI-I/O 9-L Wireless I/O
Part Number
WI-I/O 9-L-T
Input Transmitter Unit 6720005005
WI-I/O 9-L-R
Output Receiver Unit 6720005006
Frequency hopping spread spectrum 902-928MHz, sub-bands available,
1W for North America.
WI-I/O 9-L-P1
Matched Set each with -2bd Antennas 6720005007
WI-I/O 9-L-P2
Matched Set each with Unity Antennas 6720005008
Line of sight range 20 miles (4W ERP), 15km (1W ERP);
3000 ft / 1000 m in obstructed industrial environments.
Radio distances can be increased by up to 5 intermediate repeater units.
Each transmission may be configured to be sent 1 to 5 times.
Standards Compliance
EN 300 220, EN 60950, FCC Part 15.247, RSS-210
Environmental -40 to 60ºC / -40 to 140ºF, 0–99% RH
WIB-net wireless protocol, enabling peer-to-peer communications. Input values
are transmitted on immediate change plus timed updates (maximum rate 5 times
per second).
EMC compliant EN 301489
Wireless messages are encrypted for security and protection.
General Specifications
ROHS compliant
Housing DIN-rail thermo-plastic enclosure
Serial Port
RS232 RJ45 female DCE, used for configuration and diagnostics.
100 x 22 x 120 mm / 3.9 x 0.9 x 4.7 inches
SMA connector for antenna or coaxial cable connection.
Power Supply 9 – 30 VDC
LED Indication
Power consumption @12VDC – Receiver 100mA
Transmitter unit
Transmitter 40mA quiescent,
during radio transmission (30 msec) 300mA
Power/OK, Radio TX, DIN1, DIN2,
Analog Setpoint status.
Analog zero indication.
Analog loop supply internally generated, 24VDC 30mA
Receiver unit
Internal monitoring of supply voltage – may be transmitted as an
“input” (Transmitter unit only)
Power/OK, Radio RX, DO1, DO2, DO3,
Communications Fail.
Hazardous rating: Class 1 Div 2 (USA/Canada)
LED’s also used to provide radio signal
strength indication.
Transmitter Inputs
Digital/Pulse Input, two inputs, suitable for voltage free contacts / NPN, or voltage input 0-1 VDC on / >3 VDC off, pulse input max rate 10 Hz, 50 msec on time,
pulse counted as 16 bit register, 6mA wetting current.
Analog input, 0-20 mA span and zero configurable (default 4-20mA), “floating”
differential input, resolution 16 bit, accuracy < 0.1 %
Thermocouple input, -20mV to +100mV, J, K or T type linearization with on-board
cold-junction compensation, accuracy better than 1degC, 100kohm input impedance, +10 V common mode voltage.
Setpoint Status, setpoint status sets (on) when analog value < low setpoint and
resets (off) when analog value > high setpoint, status transmitted as per digital
input, setpoint values are settable via front-panel rotary switch or configuration
System OK output
Configuration and Diagnostics
Factory configuration transmitter/receiver
matched pair. User configuration via serial
port. Unidirectional units can be configured to
network with Multi-I/O and Gateway units.
Diagnostics features – read input values, write
output values, radio signal strength, monitor
communication messages.
Sales Tools
Sales tools are available for download on the
web at
Printed catalog versions are also available
and can be ordered online.
Receiver Outputs
Digital Output, three relay contact outputs, 250VA C1A
Analog Output, 0-20mA, configurable span and zero (default
4-20mA), source output, 16-bit resolution, 0.1% accuracy
Comms-Fail, internal status based on configurable time-out value.
Catalog 12: Wireless Connectivity Solutions
Comms-fail status can be configured to a local output.
Fail-safe, on “comms-fail”, outputs user-configurable as retained (last correct
value) or reset (fail-safe).
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