Push Switches Cautions
2. Avoid use of water-soluble soldering flux, since it may corrode the switches.
1. Appling load to terminals during soldering under certain conditions may cause deformation and
electrical property degradation.
3. Check and conform to soldering requirements under actual mass production conditions.
6. After mounting the switches, if you intend to put the board into an oven in order to harden
adhesive for other parts, please consult with us.
9. Solder the switches with detent at the detent position. Soldering switches fixed at the center of
the detent may deform the detent mechanisms.
Package Type
8. If you use a through-hole PC board or a PC board thinner or thicker than the recommendation,
here may be greater heat stress. Verify the soldering conditions thoroughly before use.
7. Before soldering switches with locking mechanism, release the locks. If they are soldered
without releasing the locks, the soldering heat may deform the locking mechanism.
5. Flux from around and above the PC board should not adhere to the switches.
4. When soldering twice, wait until the first soldered portion cools to normal temperature.
Continuous heating will deform the external portions, loosen or dislodge terminals, or may
deteriorate their electrical characteristics.
10. No cleaning.
11. Protect small and thin switches from external forces in the set mounting process.
14. The switch will be break if you apply a greater stress than that specified. Take great care not to
let the switch be subject to greater stress than specified.
13. The products are designed and manufactured for direct current resistance. Contact us for use of
other resistances such as inductive(L)or capacitive(C)
12. Tighten the mounting screws by applying the specified torque. Tightening with larger torque
than the specified one will result in malfunction or breakage of screws.
15. Be sure to release the locks before removing the knobs. Otherwise, the locking mechanism may
be deformed.
16. Be sure to use the forced travel close to the position of the whole travel as much as possible.
17. Insert these switches to the specified mounting surface and mount them horizontally.
If not mounted horizontally, these switches will malfunction.
18. Use of the switches in a dusty environment may lead the dusts entering through the openings
and cause imperfect contact or malfunction. Take this into account for set design.
19. Corrosive gas if generated by peripheral parts of a set, malfunction such as imperfect contact
may occur. Thorough investigation shall be required beforehand.
20. Storage
Store the products as delivered at normal temperature and humidity, out of direct sunlight and
away from corrosive gases. Use them as soon as possible and no later than six months after
delivery. Once the seal is broken, use them as soon as possible.