3 U Compact PCI Backplane with 11 Slots

3 U Compact PCI Backplane with 11 Slots
State of the art design for a wide range of applications
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General Description
This standard backplane is member of the ERNI backplane familiy for
use in Compact PCI computer systems. Its high-performance features
make it ideally suited for telecom, datacom, and industrial applications
like CNCs, robotic controls, and video image processing.
The inherent limitations of Compact PCI are broken by the use of a
Optional this backplane may be used to implement a two-bus multiprocessor system when equipped with a non-transparent bridge
ERNI develops and manufactures backplanes according to ISO 9001
at several productions sites around the world.
Custom and semi-custom designs based on our standard backplanes
are possible in various configurations.
Part No: 173972 (with DIN 41612 Type M connector)
Part No: 193914 (with Positronic P47 connector)
• Form factor 3 U
Dimension (WxH): 283.48 mm x 128.7 mm
• 11 slots, arranged in two independent cPci bus segments ready
for optional bridge module
transparent pallet bridge module
part no: 193627
non-transparent pallet bridge module
part no: 193629
Catalog E 074504
Edition 3
• 4 slots in primary segment with 66 MHz bus operation capability
Full 64-bit implementation
• 7 slots in secondary segment with 33 MHz clock
32-bit implementation
(one multifunctional system slot / peripheral slot)
• 6 slots with rear I/O capability
• AB-shrouds with guides for safe mating of rear I/O
transition modules
• Controlled impedance of 65 Ohm implemented in striplinetopology
• Hot-swap features according to PICMG 2.0 R3.0 and
PICMG 2.1 R1.0
• Best decoupling of supply voltages
• High-quality design with best EMC-characteristics by fully
shielded 10-layer PCB
• Isolated or chassis-grounded mounting selected by screws
• Connectors according to IEC 61076-4-101 and
PICMG 2.0 R3.0
• V(I/O) selectable by jumper element: 3.3 V or 5 V
• 2 connectors for fans with 12 V supply
• 1 connector for drives with 5 V/12 V supply
• DIN Style M connector or P47 for modular power supply
according to PICMG 2.11 R1.0 optional 20 pin ATX connector
• Auxilliary signals accessible via header
• Secure separation between hazardous voltages in mains
supply and SELV circuit according to IEC 950
• Optional connector for system management bus IPMB as
suggested in PICMG 2.9
Rear view
V(I/O) selection for
primary CPCI Bus
2x connector
for fans
Rear I/O
V(I/O) selection for
secondary CPCI Bus
System Management Bus
Power for Drives (HD,
Floppy, CD-rom)
connector for
Power On
Line Power
115 VAC/ 230 VAC
Positions for Bridge Module
Front view
Primary CPCI
64 Bit Bus
66 MHz
Rear Panel I/O
Secondary CompactPCI 32 Bit Bus
33 MHz
Positronic 47-Pin
connector for Power
supplies accord. to
PICMG 2.11 Rev 1.0
DIN Style M connector
for power supplies
according to PICMG
2.11 Rev 1.0
System Slot
secondary CPCI Bus
System Slot
primary CPCI Bus
Catalog E 074504
Edition 3
Printed in Germany · Subject to modification without prior notice.
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