3M 4000 Series Datasheet

3M™ 4000 Series
Half Mask Respirators
Main Features
The 3M™ 4000 Series Respirators are a range of ready-touse, maintenance-free half masks, designed for effective
and comfortable protection against many gases, vapours and
combination particulate hazards found throughout industry.
The main features include:
• Disposable, maintenance free half mask.
• Soft, textured face seal to provide a more comfortable fit
to the face.
• Lightweight and well balanced to ensure comfort during
long periods of work.
• Twin inhalation valves and large, bonded carbon filters
to reduce breathing resistance, complimented by a low
resistance parabolic exhalation valve to reduce heat
• Low profile design allows for better peripheral vision.
• Easy to use as no need for assembly, maintenance or
record keeping.
• Easy and secure fitting of neck strap and adjustment of
head cradle.
• Optional overspray guard prolongs the life of the
particulate filter when paint spraying.
• Maximum product weight of 320 grams.
The 3M™ 4000 Series Respirators have met the
requirements of the European Community Directive 89/686/
EEC (Personal Protective Equipment Directive) and are
thus CE marked. Certification under Article 10, EC TypeExamination, has been issued for these products by INSPEC
International Limited, 56 Leslie Hough Way, Salford, Greater
Manchester M6 6AJ, UK (Notified Body number 0194).
Certification under Article 11, EC quality control, has been
issued by BSI Product Services (Notified Body number 0086).
The 3M™ 4000 Series Respirators meet the
performance requirements of the European Standard EN
405:2001+A1:2009 for valved filtering half-mask respirators
for gases, vapours and particulate combinations.
Product Options
The 4000 Series Respirators are available in four different models:
• 3M™ 4251 (FFA1P2 R D) provides protection against
organic vapours (with good warning properties and b.pt.
> 65°C), up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or
1000 parts per million (ppm), whichever is lower, and 10 x
WEL for particulates.
• 3M™ 4255 (FFA2P3 R D) provides protection against
organic vapours (with good warning properties and b.pt.
> 65°C), up to 10 x WEL or 5000 ppm, whichever is lower
and 20 x WEL for particulates.
• 3M™ 4277 (FFABE1P3 R D) provides protection against
organic vapours (with good warning properties and b.pt.
> 65°C), inorganic and acid gases up to 10 x WEL or 1000
ppm, whichever is lower and 20 x WEL for particulates.
• 3M™ 4279 (FFABEK1P3 R D) provides protection against
organic vapours (with good warning properties and b.pt.
> 65°C), inorganic and acid gases and ammonia, up to
10 x WEL or 1000 ppm, whichever is lower and 20 x WEL
for particulates.
Use Limitations
This respirator does not supply oxygen. Do not use in
atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.
1. Do not use for respiratory protection against atmospheric
contaminants that have poor warning properties or are
unknown or immediately dangerous to life and health
(IDLH) or against contaminants which generate high heats
of reaction with chemical filters.
2. Do not misuse, alter, modify or repair this product.
3. Do not use with beards or other facial hair that prevent
direct contact between face and edge of the respirator.
4. Do not use with unknown concentrations of contaminants.
5. Do not use for escape purposes.
6. Leave the work area immediately and check the integrity
of the respirator and replace face mask if:
i. Damage has occurred or is apparent.
ii. Breathing becomes difficult or increased breathing
resistance occurs.
iii. Dizziness or other distress occurs.
iv. You taste or smell the contaminant or an irritation
7. Store this device in a sealed container or its reusable bag
away from contaminated areas when not in use.
8. Use strictly in accordance with respirator user instruction leaflet.
9. In case of intended use in explosive atmospheres, contact
3M technical service.
Face Mask
Thermoplastic elastomer
Head Harness
Head Strap
Inhalation Valve
Exhalation Valve
Silicone Rubber
Gas and Vapour
Filter Body
Activated Carbon
Particulate Filter
Fitting Instructions
Fit Check
Before initial use a qualitative or quantitative fit test should be
Perform a positive pressure fit check each time the respirator
is donned.
Fitting instructions must be followed each time the
respirator is worn.
1. Assemble/adjust head cradle by feeding the perforated strip
through the buckle and pressing down on the stud at the
required length. Repeat for second strip.
2. Place the respirator over the face, fitting it comfortably
on bridge of the nose, then pull the head harness over the
crown of the head.
3. If necessary remove the respirator
and readjust the head cradle to a comfortable fit and repeat
step 2.
4. Take a bottom strap in each hand, place them at the back of
the neck and hook the straps together
5. Tighten the top head harness first by pulling on the ends to
achieve a comfortable and secure fit.
Tighten bottom straps in a similar manner. Strap tension
may be decreased by pushing out on the back of the
6. After tightening the head harness (see 5), slide the 4 plastic
rings over the 4 buckles, to lock the head straps in place
1. Place the palm of the hand over the exhalation valve cover
and exhale gently.
2. If the respirator bulges slightly and no air leakage between
the face and the respirator is detected, a proper fit has been
3. If air leakage is detected, re-position the respirator on the
face and/or readjust the tension of the strap to eliminate
the leakage.
4. Repeat the above face fit check
5. If you cannot achieve a proper fit, do not enter the
contaminated area. See your supervisor
Cleaning and Storage
If the respirator is to be used for more than one shift it should
be cleaned at the end of each shift and stored in the original
packaging. To clean the respirator, the faceseal should be
wiped with a cloth moistened in warm soapy water (the
water temperature should be below 40°C) and dried at room
temperature. The product MUST NOT be immersed in water
during cleaning. Alternatively, faceseal may be cleaned using
the 3M™ 105 Face Seal Cleaner. Always check that the product
has not exceeded the use by date before use.
Respiratory Protection is only effective if it is correctly selected,
fitted and worn throughout the time when the wearer is exposed
to respiratory contaminants.
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