DRA & DRS Series DIN Rail Assemblies & Sockets

DRA & DRS Series
DIN Rail Assemblies &
What is the DRA Series All About?
The DRA Series combines CRYDOM’s world class AC and DC output
PCB mounted Single-in-Line Solid State Relays with 10 and 54 mm wide
DIN rail mounted sockets.
The DRA series offers a wide variety of ratings which are ideal for low
to medium power control for heating, lighting or motion control
In addition to standard assembly models, any standard CRYDOM SIP
type SSR with similar pin centers can be offered as an assembly.
What is the DRS Series All About?
DRS Series DIN rail mounted socket kits are designed to accept either
one or up to four individual CRYDOM SIP type PCB mounted SSRs with
industry standard 27.9 mm end to end pin spacing.
Single channel sockets are 10mm wide, and 4 channel sockets are
54mm wide.
Each DRS Series socket comes from the factory in kit form which
allows the user to select and install the best SSR and input
configuration for any particular application. Input status LED indicators
and resistors for low range or high range DC inputs are also included in
the kit along with instructions for assembly.
A direct replacement for CRYDOM MS11 Assemblies
MS11 Assemblies
DRA Series
What is special about the DRA/DRS Series ?
Expands CRYDOM’s offer of DIN rail mounted assemblies
incorporating CRYDOM’s market leading SIP type SSRs.
A truly versatile range, including input voltage options,
input status LED, multi-channel versions, etc.
Designed to accommodate and encourage adaptations.
Which are the Target Markets / Applications?
Motion Control
Medical Equipment
Respiratory Equipment
Cardiac Catheters
Patient Monitoring
Transportation ( Rail, Back Up Power)
Industrial Automation
Process Control
Machine Tools (Hydraulic Pumps)
Semiconductor Equipment
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Food Processing
Elevators & Rolling Shutters
Plastics Industry
Material Handling & Packaging
Oil Services
Paper & Printing
Key Benefits of the CRYDOM DRA / DRS ?
A high reliability alternative to Electro-mechanical solutions
commonly found in Industrial control applications.
Ease of use; Mounts directly to TS35 DIN rail, it is self
contained requiring no additional accessories to operate.
Cost effective in a compact package.
When a customer needs just a few channels of control, this
series provides a simple and inexpensive solution.
CRYDOM now offers the popular PCB mounted relays in a
DIN Rail mount package, thus far greater flexibility.
DRS/DRA Part Number Structure?
Single Channel
Socket Kit
Installation Sheet
Parts included in the kit
Assembly instructions
Wiring diagram
Standard Assemblies – DC Switching
Standard Assemblies – AC Switching