EM6819 Fact Sheet - EM Microelectronic

Ultra Low Power 8 bit Flash µController:
0.9V supply, DC-DC Converter, ADC, OpAmp, EEPROM, 8 to 32 leads
Low Power:
Voltage range:
DC-DC Converter
Internal RC Oscillator
External Oscillator
CPU 8 bit
Sleep Counter Reset
Brown Out
Operational Amplifier
Temp. Sensor
140µA @ 3V, Active Mode, CPU: RC_2MHz (1 MIPS)
14 µA @ 3V, Standby mode CPU: RC_2MHz
2.3 µA @ 3V, Standby mode at 32kHz XTAL
1.9 µA @3V, Sleep mode (No clock)
0.4 µA @3V, power down mode (Reset state)
0.9V to 3.6V, internal voltage regulator
Built-IN DC-DC Converter for min 40mA load from VBAT=0.9V
2MHz and 15MHz, factory pre-trimmed
32’768 Hz watch type crystal or typ 4MHz Resonator
CR816 Harvard RISC Architecture, 16 Registers, HW multiplier
fully static SRAM, 512 Bytes
16.9kByte Flash memory, shared between
max 6k Instructions program memory (16.9kByte)
max 12k Byte non volatile data memory
Debug on chip DoC including In-System Programming
24 multipurpose I/O’s, shared with; SPI, DoC, ADC channels, OpAmp, Vref, Xtal
4 x 8-bit timers (or 2 x 16-bit), 4 x PWM, Freq gen, Capture, Compare
automatic wake-up from sleep mode (EM patent)
2 clock prescalers for the peripheral clock generation
on PortA/PortC inputs, Prescaler, Timer, ADC, SPI, Comp
logic watchdog with dedicated low freq oscillator
Voltage Level Detector on Supply and input pin (32 levels)
Brownout Detection & Start-Up Power check
8 channels 10bits ADC – up to 100kbps
pre-trimmed voltage reference output available
3 terminal standalone Operational Amplifier or Comparator
fully internal temperature Sensor
SOP8, TSSOP16/20/24/28, QFN20/32 (ask for availabiliy)
REV. 2.0
Copyright  2008, EM Microelectronic-Marin SA
Power supply
Low power architecture
Voltage regulator for internal logic supply
External regulator capacitor
Voltage mult: gives internal multiplied voltage to allow
0.9V start-up (Padring remains on low-volt)
DC-DC Converter: with ext Coil and Cap. Increases the
VBAT for the whole circuit I.e to 3.3V.
8-bit CoolRisc 816L Core
16 internal registers
4 hardware subroutine stacks
8-bit hardware multiplier
refer also to the CR816L reference manual
16.9k Byte shared Genaral Purpose Non Volatile Flash
max 6k Instructions program memory
max 12 kByte non volatile data memory
512 x 8-bit static SRAM
48 byte of Ram-Cash for EEPROM modification support
Operating modes
Active mode: CPU and peripherals are running
Standby mode: CPU halted, peripherals on
Sleep mode: no clocks, data retained
Power down mode, Reset state
Wake Up Event from PortA inputs
Power On Reset
Reset from logic watchdog
Brown out (as voltage supervisory function)
Reset with Port A selection
Flags to identify the reset source
Watchdog timer
generation of watchdog reset after time out
independent low frequency watchdog oscillator
Oscillator RC
internal RC oscillator, 2MHz and 15MHz pre-trimmed
< 1% frequency deviation over temperature range
External Oscillator
32 kHz watch type Crystal or 4MHz Resonator
Parallel In/Output Port A, Port C
8-bit wide direct input read
all functions bit-wise configurable
Input , output
Debouncer, IRQ on pos. or neg. edge
Input combination reset
Pullup, pulldown or nopull selectable
Freq. Input for timer
Analog In/Out
Parallel In/Output Port B
8 multipurpose I/O’s
8-bit wide direct input read
CMOS or Nch. Open Drain outputs
all functions bit-wise configurable
Input , output
Pullup, pulldown or nopull selectable
CMOS or Nch. Open Drain outputs
Serial Port Interface SPI
3 wire serial Interface, Sclk, Sin, Sout
master and Slave mode
Serial datastream output
Event / IRQ
Maped on port outputs
Timer (4 x 8-bit, or 2 x 16-bit)
8 (16) bit wide, Zero Stop and Auto Reload mode
External signal pulse width measurement
PWM generation, IRQ
Event Counter
Input capture
Output compare
Sleep Counter Reset (SCWUP)
Automatically wakes up the circuit from sleep mode
Enable/disable by register
Detection of 32 voltage levels (0.8V to 3.0V)
Source from VSUP, input Pin or Op.Amp output
Op. Amplifier / Comparator
All 3 terminals mapped on PortA/PortC
Output routed to internal VLD cell
- Amplifier or Comparator output
Temp. Sensor
Fully internal temperature sensor
Multiplexed input to ADC
Pre-division factors for system clocks of 1, 2, 4 or 8x are
available, for CPU and prescaler’s
Two clock prescalers (dividers) for the peripheral clock
Prescaler 1 is a 15-stage divider
Prescaler 2 is a 10-stage divider
input clock software selectable
- fix intervall IRQ’s
Brown Out
On-chip Brown-Out detection, reset state
- Power check at Startup
external IRQ’s from Port A, VLD, Comparator
internal IRQ’s from Timer, Prescaler, ADC, SPI
Event from SPI/ADC and DoC
DoC (Debug on Chip)
2 wire serial interface debug and programming interface
Flash programming
Event / IRQ
10-bit, 8 channels ADC, up to 100kbps conversion time
Single or Continuous mode
Successive approximation register
External/internal reference voltage available on a pad
Event / IRQ
REV. 2.0
Copyright  2008, EM Microelectronic-Marin SA