EMEDVK9209 Fact Sheet

Evaluation and Development Kit for EM9209
The EMEDVK9209 Evaluation and Development kit
for EM9209 is designed to evaluate the EM9209 High
Sensitivity 2.4GHz RF transceiver and prototype user
applications in an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use
It allows the demonstration and evaluation of the DC
and RF parameters of the EM9209 High Sensitivity
2.4GHz RF transceiver solution. A PC user-friendly
GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows you to easily
configure the EM9209.
The EMEDVK9209 kit provides as well a complete
hardware solution to build your own application. The
kit is equipped with a SWD connector to debug and
program via USB the embedded Low Power CortexM3 32-bit MCU using any third-party software
development environment supporting STM32 Low
Power Cortex M3.
The EMEDVK9209 can operate directly from the USB
supply, from a 3.0V coin cell battery or from an
external power-supply.
Thanks to the several available configurations and
test points, the EMEDVK9209 makes measurements
like power consumption, receiver sensitivity or ouput
power really simple to be done
1x Central Board EMEDVK9x0xCB 
1x Cortex-M3 board EMEDVK9x0xCM3 
1x RF Module board EMRF9209 
1x USB Cable 
1x Battery 
1x header + 1x cable for 10-pin 0.05” cortex
User-friendly GUI software
Main features
EMEDVK9x0xCB Central Board:
 Easy connection to RF Module
 Cortex-M3 board connnector slot
 Equiped with 10-pin 0.05” cortex connector
for debug and programming
 Power supplied through USB, CR2032
battery or external power supply
 Reset button and push-buttons, leds
EMEDVK9x0xCM3 Cortex-M3 board:
 STM32L152 Low Power Cortex M3 MCU
 USB connector for running GUI application
EMRF9209 RF Module board:
 Full
EM9209 High Sensitivity 2.4GHz
transceiver solution
 SMA connector
USB interface for control from a PC GUI
Measure power consumption
Control RF parameters: output power,
frequency, datarate
Measure RX sensitivity
Evaluate TX parameters
Demonstrate two way communication
Range testing
Prototyping by using embedded 32-bit MCU
Copyright 2014, EM Microelectronic-Marin SA
Subject to change without notice
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