EMEDVK9101 Fact Sheet

Evaluation and Development Kit for EM9101
The EMEDVK9101 Evaluation and Development kit
for EM9101 is designed to evaluate the
EM9101/EM9203 Long range 2.4GHz RF chipset and
prototype user applications in an easy-to-configure
and easy-to-use environment.
It allows the demonstration and evaluation of the DC
and RF parameters of the EM9101/EM9203 Long
range 2.4GHz RF solution. A PC user-friendly GUI
(Graphical User Interface) allows you to easily
configure the EM9101/EM9203.
The EMEDVK9101 kit provides as well a complete
hardware solution to build your own application. The
kit is equipped with a SWD connector to debug and
program via USB the embedded Low Power CortexM3 32-bit MCU using any third-party software
development environment supporting STM32 Low
Power Cortex M3.
The EMEDVK9101 can operate directly from the USB
supply, from a 3.0V coin cell battery or from an
external power-supply.
Thanks to the several configurations and test points,
the EMEDVK9101 makes measurements like power
consumption, receiver sensitivity or output power
really simple to be done
1x Central Board EMEDVK9x0xCB 
1x Cortex-M3 board EMEDVK9x0xCM3 
1x RF Module board EMRF9101 
1x USB Cable 
1x Battery 
1x header + 1x cable for 10-pin 0.05” cortex
Friendly GUI software
Main features
EMEDVK9x0xCB Central Board:
 Easy connection to RF Module
 Cortex-M3 board connnector slot
 Equiped with 10-pin 0.05” cortex connector
for debug and programming
 Power supplied through USB, CR2032
battery or external power supply
 Reset button and push-buttons, led
EMEDVK9x0xCM3 Cortex-M3 board:
 STM32L152 Low Power Cortex M3
 USB connector for running GUI application
EMRF9101 RF Module board:
 Full EM9101/EM9203 Long Range 2.4GHz
transceiver solution
 SMA connector
USB interface for control from a PC GUI
Measure power consumption
Control RF parameters: output power,
frequency, datarate
Measure RX sensitivity
Evaluate TX parameters
Demonstrate two way communication
Range testing
Prototyping by using embedded 32-bit MCU
Copyright 2014, EM Microelectronic-Marin SA
Subject to change without notice
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