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Thick Film Chip Resistors
Very High Temperature available
High Value Chip Resistors up to 10 TΩ
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Trimmable and Standard Chip Resistors
Why Select Riedon Chip Resistors?
High temperature components available for applications up to 300°C
High value resistors with a value range up to 10 Tera-Ohm
Non-magnetic resistors available
High voltage capability of chip resistors up to 6000V
Every value is available
Suitable for lead free soldering as well as silver epoxy attachment
Whisker free surfaces - no Tin whiskering
Suitable for vacuum applications – no organics
Low VCR at extreme high values
Customized solutions
Non-Magnetic Resistors
Riedon chip series CHR, HVC, HVS are absolutely non-magnetic.
• These resistors are suitable for the use in strong magnetic fields without
• The base of this characteristic is a special termination technology, which does
not use magnetic Nickel.
• Typical Applications: computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI)
• Standard-components use Nickel/Tin-terminals therefor have magnetic
High Temperature Suitability up to 300°C
HVS, CHR, CBR, HVC are available for high temperature applications up to
• The base of this characteristic is a special termination technology, which
does not use Nickel which limits the continuous working temp. to 160°C,
or Tin which limits the peak temperature to 230°C).
• Limiting factors are the interconnection technology and the substrate
material for the unit.
(Standard-components using Nickel/Tin-terminals are restricted to a continuous working temperature of 155°C.)
Low VCR-Values
Voltage coefficient of resistance (VCR) is an important characteristic
of high voltage thick film resistors. It can be defined as the change in
resistance of a component with respect to the voltage applied over a
specific voltage range
There are many factors which can influence the VCR: Layout, size,
termination material and trimming geometry. Riedon chips are
specifically designed to minimize the effects of VCR.
Laser trimming
Resistor Ink
Suitability for Silver Epoxy Attachment
• CHR, CHS, HVS are also suitable for lead free and lead
containing soldering as well as for silver epoxy attachment.
• The attachment with silver epoxy is highly reliable (at high
temperatures too).
• The base of this characteristic is the special thick film
termination, which does not use Nickel and Tin.
(Standard-components using Nickel/Tin-terminals are not suitable for the use of conductive epoxie)s)
Whiskerfree Surfaces
Thick film terminals (CHR, CHS, CHM) are whisker free:
• The surface of the termination does not contain Tin and
therefore it can not generate Tin-whiskers. Pure Tin surfaces
generate whiskers under certain conditions
• This is characteristic which is required in many aerospace
High Vacuum Suitability
Riedon chip resistor series are free of outgassing.
• Standard-components are coated with a polymeric
material which can out gas in vacuum are not suitable
for the use of conductive epoxies, carbon film
resistors show this behavior too. The resistors do not
contain any organic material.
Value Range up to 10 Tera-Ohm
• The value range is our core competency: Series
• Riedon delivers high value resistors up to 10
Tera-Ohm. Many other Manufacturers deliver a
value range up to 10 MΩ only.
Termination & Construction
Chip resistors with Ni-barrier layer matte Tin
Chip resistors with thick film termination
Nickel layer
wrap around Silver thick film
wrap around PtAg thick film
inner resistor terminal AgPd
inner resistor terminal AgPd
ceramics substrate
ceramics substrate
resistive layer
resistive layer
glass coating
thick film Silver
Nickel barrier
layer (galvanic)
matte Tin
thick film Platinum/Silver
Custom Specific Resistors
Riedon specializes in providing customized solution for
non-standard specs.
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