New Product Sales Sheet
HWA20 Sealed ATO Fuseholder
Compact hard-wired fuseholder holds up to 10 ATO ® fuses
Input and output connections electronically isolated.
Enables the user to customize the circuitry. High-density of
fuses, with total combined amperage up to 210A.
Dovetail slots on the sides of the box enable multiple units
to be physically connected to each other, and to other
Littelfuse fuseholders.
Compact, sealed (IP67) unit: 161 x 40 x 52mm (6.3 x 1.6 x 2.0”)
with durable polyamide construction.
Ordering Information
Part No.
HWA20 fuseholder complete assembly with TPAs*
HWA20 fuseholder complete assembly without TPAs*
*TPA: Terminal Position Assurance locks for wire terminals
Features & Benefits
Compact size. Fuseholder is perfect fit for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main power distribution module, or as a main module on
smaller vehicles.
IP67 sealed units can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle, stand up to roadsplash and salt spray.
Easy to connect. Wires plug into the back of the unit using industry-standard Tyco sealed power terminals.
TPAs (terminal position assurance locks) give secondary locking protection of the wire leads, which aid in prevention of leads from being pulled
out. TPAs snap onto the back of the unit after wires are installed, and do not interfere with the cable seals needed to ensure IP protection.
Modular. Multiple units can be dovetailed together to expand circuit protection capacity. They can also be interlocked with Littelfuse PDMs and
fuseholders such as FLC Power Distribution Module, HWB60, HWB18, MEGA-Flex and MIDI-Flex, for complete circuit protection.
Versatile fusing capability. Littelfuse ATO blade fuses are readily available in a wide range of values from 1A to 40A.
Littelfuse Commercial Vehicle Products
D-658 Rev 032816
Dimensions in mm
Max single fuse rating
Max current combined
Number of Cavities
Mounting Torque
4 - 6 Nm
Body + Cover: Black Thermoplastic - 94 V0
Gasket: Silicone rubber
Mating Terminals & Seals
Tyco standard sealed power terminals. May be purchased
through Tyco distributors
Temperature Range
-40°C – 85°C
Ingress Protection
161 x 40 x 52mm (6.3 x 1.6 x 2.0”)
Wire Sizes
0.5 – 5.0mm2
0.30lb (0.14kg)
HWA20 interlocks with HWB units, with FLC Power Distribution Modules or boltdown fuseholders
HWA20 interlocked with MEGA-Flex fuseholder (02981028HXFC)
HWA20 interlocked with FLC Power Distribution Module (FLEC 3000Z)
Rev. 032816