BRCP Thin Film Bar MOS Capacitor Delivers High Power in Two Miniature Case Sizes for Hybrid Assemblies

Product Group: Vishay Electro-Films, Film Capacitors / December 2015
Author: Phil Harnois
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New BRCP Thin Film Bar MOS Capacitor
Delivers High Power in Two Miniature Case
Sizes for Hybrid Assemblies
Product Benefits:
High power handling
Operating voltage up to 100 V
Available in compact A (1204) and B (2404) case
Capacitance range of 5 pF to 100 pF
Robust MOS construction
Accommodates multiple wire bonds
Low TCC down to ± 50 ppm/°C
Absolute tolerance down to ± 5 %
Excellent load-life stability
-55 °C to +150 °C operating temperature range
Market Applications:
LC, RC or LRC filters, RF choking, and DC blocking and impedance matching in hybrid
assemblies and SiC and GaN applications
The News:
Vishay Intertechnology introduces a new thin film bar MOS capacitor designed for use in high-power
hybrid assemblies and SiC and GaN applications. The Vishay Electro-Films BRCP offers high power
handling and operating voltage up to 100 V in two compact case sizes.
 Small 120 mil by 35 mil (case A) and 240 mil by 35 mil (case B) case sizes allow for smaller
product designs without sacrificing performance
 At their lowest values, case A will accept seven wire bonds and case B will accept 15
The Key Specifications:
Case code
Case size
Capacitance values (pF)
Tolerance (%)
DC working voltage (V)
5 to 50
± 5, ± 10, ± 20, ± 25
10 to 100
± 5, ± 10, ± 20, ± 25
Product Group: Vishay Electro-Films, Film Capacitors / December 2015
Samples and production quantities of the BRCP bar MOS capacitor are available now, with lead
times of 10 weeks for larger orders.
To access the product datasheet on the Vishay Website, go to (BRCP)
Contact Information:
The Americas
Molly Olver
[email protected]
Richard Steel
[email protected]
Victor Goh
[email protected]
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