Telecommunications - Transceiver Board Power MOSFET Matching

Transceiver Board Power MOSFET Matching
Why Choose KEMET
KEMET applies world-class service and quality
to deliver industry-leading, high performance
capacitance solutions worldwide. With 95% of
possible dielectric solutions, KEMET offers the
world’s most complete line of surface mount
and through-hole capacitor technologies across
tantalum, ceramic, film, aluminum and paper
dielectrics. One world. One KEMET.
KEMET Electrical/Physical Characteristics
Product Family
RF & Microwave Mulitlayer Ceramic Capacitors
HiQ-CBR Series
Case Sizes (inches/millimeters)
0201/0603, 0402/1005, 0603/1608, 0805/2012
± 0.05 pF, ± 0.1 pF, ± 0.25 pF, ± 0.5 pF, ± 1%, ± 2%, ± 5%, ± 10%
Temperature Range
-55°C to +125°C
Voltage Options
6.3 V, 10 V, 25 V, 50 V, 100 V, 250 V
Capacitance Values
1 pF–100 pF
Features & Benefits
Ultra-high quality factor (Q)
Base metal electrode (BME) dielectric system
PB-Free and RoHS Compliant
No piezoelectric noise
High thermal stability
No capacitance change with respect to
applied rated DC voltage
Negligible capacitance change with respect
to temperature
No capacitance decay with time
Non-polar device, minimizing installation
100% pure matte tin-plated termination finish
allowing for excellent solderability
Product Checklist
• Is KEMET the first source, or are other
suppliers already approved?
• In the latter case, who is the competitor?
• What size shall the HiQ capacitor have?
Usually the engineer will choose the size by
power. (The 0603/250 V and 0805/250 V are
presently the most common sizes. For higher
power, the 1111/500 V may be selected.)
• What capacitance value and tolerance is
required? (Normally the capacitance value is
less than 47 pF. For matching, the capacitance
value will be less than 15 pF.)
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and engineering kits,
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