Errata: CS4297A-XQ Rev H Performance Update

Errata: CS4297A-XQ Rev. H Performance Update
(Reference CS4297A_DS318PP6 Data Sheet dated March '06)
Dynamic Range (DR)
1. The Stereo Analog input to Line_Out (A-A) Dynamic Range is 88 dB FS A Typ.
2. The DAC (D-A) Dynamic Range is 85 dB FS A Typ.
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+n)
1. The Line/Alternate Line Out DAC (D-A) Total Harmonic Distortion is 70 dB FS Max.
Spurious Tones (Note 1)
1. The spurious tone performance is –90 dB FS Typ.
1. This specification is guaranteed by silicon characterization; it is not production tested.
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