Errata: CS4297A Rev D

Errata: CS4297A Rev. D
(Reference CS4297A_DS318PP6 Data Sheet dated March '06)
1. The CS4297A requires a minimum SYNC pulse width of 1.13 µs in the absence of BIT_CLK for a warm
reset to occur. AC ’97 version 2.1 requires SYNC to be asserted for a minimum of only 1.0 µs.
This requirement refers to the behavior of SYNC during warm reset only. During normal operation,
SYNC is asserted for the entire period of slot 0 (the tag phase), which is 16 cycles of BIT_CLK.
2. SDATA_IN does not meet the AC ’97 specification of driving a 47.5 pF capacitive load within the rise time
constraints of 2 ns ≤ Trise ≤ 6 ns. However, even at maximum capacitive loading, the codec provides sufficient SDATA_IN data setup margin to prevent any functional issues.
Workaround Solution - Minimize SDATA_IN trace length during board layout, and keep the total capacitive
loading to 22 pF or less.
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