CS4351 Product Bulletin

New Stereo DAC Simplifies Designs & Lowers System Cost
Integrated Line Drivers Provide 2 Vrms Output, Eliminates Costly Circuitry
CS4351 Features
Advanced multi-bit Delta-Sigma modulator
24-bit conversion
Up to 192 kHz sample rates
112 dB dynamic range
-100 dB THD+N
Integrated line driver – 2Vrms line level output
Digital volume control with soft ramp
119 dB attenuation
1/2 dB step size
Zero crossing click-free transitions
Simplifying designs and reducing system costs, the latest D/A converter
from Cirrus Logic® takes integration to the next level, yet still delivers the
sound quality that Cirrus® customers have come to expect over the past 20
Automatic sample rate detection
Low clock-jitter sensitivity
that makes analog design effortless, saves money, and accelerates time to
Popguard technology for control of clicks and pops
market for manufacturers of audio electronics.
+9 V or +12 V analog power supply
+3.3 V digital power supply
Direct interface with 3.3 V to 1.8 V logic
output signal found in most consumer electronics. This integration enables
Package: 20-pin TSSOP
the CS4351 to directly drive the outputs of audio products such as DVD
CS4351 price: $1.60 (10K)
players, which allows system designers to save valuable printed circuit-board
years. The CS4351 is a single-chip, complete digital audio output system
The CS4351 is the industry’s highest performance DAC to integrate the
amplifier and filter stages, a process required to achieve the 2 Vrms line level
CS4351 Applications
space and significantly reduces their efforts to design the analog output section
of their products. As a result, the CS4351 delivers audio performance equal
DVD players & recorders
to that found in solutions that require many additional components, including
Digital set-top boxes and televisions
operational amplifiers, resistors and capacitors.
Effects processors
The CS4351 utilizes a multi-bit Delta-Sigma architecture, operates from a
Digital mixing consoles
9-volt or 12-volt power supply, and offers digital volume control with half dB
Musical instruments
step sizes and patented Popguard® technology for control of clicks and pops
Automotive audio systems
during power cycling. Achieving dynamic range performance of 112 dB and
support for sample rates up to 192 kHz, the CS4351 is ideal for a wide range
of audio systems including DVD players and recorders, digital set-top boxes
Actual Size
and televisions, mini-component systems, effects processors, digital mixing
consoles, and automotive audio systems.
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