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Active-Semi Motor Control Solutions for Drones & RCs
Using Power Application ControllerTM (PACTM) IC Family
PACTM Value for High-Performance
Drones & RCs
High Efficiency, Improved System
Smallest System Footprint
BOM Cost Reduction
Improved System Reliability
Scalable Platform Solution
Field Programmable thro UART
Proven Firmware & Software IP
Reduced Time-to-market
Featured Products, Eval Kits &
Firmware IP
PAC5223 6mm x 6mm PACTM IC with
70V gate drivers, Multi-mode Power
Manager, AFE, ARM Cortex core for
3-phase BLDC motor control
HYDRA-X Eval Kits for PAC5223 IC:
EH-FOC1-1 motor head board for
sensorless FOC control
EH-BLDCM1-1 motor head board for
Back-EMF control
PACTM SDK, Firmware IP, Reference
Designs, Code Examples
About Active-Semi
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA
Founded in 2004
Investors: USVP, Tenaya Capital, LG, LDV
1.5 Billion ICs shipped
Shipping over 30M ICs per Quarter
Operations in the US, Europe, China,
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Active-Semi International, Inc.
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Active-Semi’s Power Application ControllerTM (PACTM) IC Family offers highly integrated,
single-IC solutions for BLDC motor control in drones and RC motor applications. Drone and
other BLDC motor control solutions based on PAC5223 IC and firmware IP for sensorless BLDC
and FOC control deliver highest system performance & efficiency for long battery life, design
flexibility through field programmability and system reliability while reducing system footprint,
BOM cost and time-to-market of these applications.
with integrated high voltage gate drivers offering superior switching performance than those
in typical discrete implementations. In addition, software configurable hardware dead-time
control enables complementary PWM control between high-side and low-side FETs further
contributing to significant efficiency gains. The high efficiency aids in longer battery life which
is critical in these applications.
SMALLEST SYSTEM FOOTPRINT: In a tiny 6mm x 6mm package, PAC5223 integrates required
power management, up to 70V, 1A gate drivers for 3-phase motor control, analog front-end
along with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 core to enable high-performance BLDC motor in smallest
system footprint. PACTM ICs also includes serial interfaces control, high-speed PWM Engines,
timers, and sophisticated hardware based protection blocks for improved system reliability.
BOM COST REDUCTION: PAC5223 IC comes integrated with 3 high-side and 3 low-side gate
drivers for 3-phase control. In addition, the IC has integrated multi-mode power manager,
single-ended and differential amps, on-chip temperature sensing, protection blocks that help
reduce external components for lowest BOM cost and system footprint.
SYSTEM SCALABILITY: PACTM ICs are highly configurable for different input power requirements, output drives with 3-half bridge drivers for up to 70V, open drains, GPIOs, and with
software programmable ARM Cortex core, offering a scalable, programmable platform
PROVEN FIRMWARE IP & TOOLS: PACTM based motor solutions are supported with reference
designs and software IP for sensored & sensorless control for FOC and back-EMF control. In
addition, software tools such as motor tuning GUI help reduce development time and
time-to-market. PACTM SDK is available for IAR, Coocox and Keil IDEs. Bootloader along with
software examples enable field programmability of Drones & RC applications through UART.
PAC5223 IC with 6mm x 6mm package, integrated 1A, 3-high-side, 3-low-side gate drivers
also allows powering directly from 2S and 3S batteries, and offers highest efficiency
solution in the smallest system footprint. Reference design and HYDRA-X evaluation kits are
available for rapid system development of high-performance Drones and RCs
Learn more about PACTM IC Family and Eval Kits at www.active-semi.com/pac
To Order IC Samples and Eval Kits, email [email protected]
Motor Control Solutions for Drones, Quadcopters
and Radio Controlled Gadgets Using Active-Semi’s
Power Application ControllerTM (PACTM) IC Family
PAC5223 IC Block Diagram
• Tiny 6mm x 6mm QFN footprint
• Single-IC Solution with Integrated 70V HS
and LS Gate Drivers, Power Manager, AFE,
ARM Cortex M0
• Input Voltage: 4.5 - 70V. Powers directly
from Battery (<18V), or with Integrated Buck
• Power directly from 2S & 3S Batteries
For more information: active-semi.com/pac
HYDRA-X Evaluation Kits for Drones, RCs and Other BLDC Motor Applications
PAC5223 HYDRA Board
FOC Control Head
PAC5223 HYDRA Board with Sepic BLDC BEMF Control Head
• HYDRA-X Development Kits For Evaluation and Easy System
Development with PAC5223 IC
• EP-HYDRA-X23-1 and EP-HYDRA-X23S-1 HYDRA-X Body Boards
With all Required Power Management and Onboard Debugger
• EH-FOC1-1 and EH-BLDCM1-1 Head Boards to Support FOC and
Back-EMF Trapezoidal Control of BLDC Motors
• USB Connectors for Application-level Communication, Access to
All PACTM Pins thro Headers for Debug & Custom Head Design
• Available at Major Semiconductor Distributors World-wide
PAC5223 ICs and HYDRA-X Eval Kits In Production Now
Firmware IP and Motor Control Reference Designs
• Firmware Support for Sensorless FOC Motor Control
• Sensored/Sensorless Back-EMF Motor Control
• Support for Advanced Features such as Initial Position Detection
Start-in-Motion, Stall Detection etc.
• Software GUI for Motor Tuning
• PACTM SDK, Project Files for Fast Prototyping & Development
Supprort for IAR, Coocox and Keil IDEs
• Bootloader & Example Code for Field Programmability Support
• Reference Designs for FOC (“TinyFOC”) & BLDC (“TinyBLDC”) Solutions
PACTM SDK, Firmware, Motor Tuning GUI, Reference Designs at active-semi.com/support/resources
For more Active-Semi IC Products, Evaluation Kits, Application Solutions
visit www.active-semi.com, or email [email protected]
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