Electronic Thermometer -- HT47C07L

Electronic Thermometer
 Operation voltage : 1.2V ~ 2.2V
 Power on stand-by current : <1µA
 Operating temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
 Low voltage detect : 1.27V ± 0.05V
 LCD display
 Minimum external components
PCB Back Board
Operation Description
 Press the button → "Beep" → "Full screen display" 2 seconds → "Display
the last temperature "1 second → "Display the current temperature".
 If the current temperature is below 32°C, display "Lo", above 42.9°C,
display "Hi".
If the Sensor is abnormal, LCD displays "Err", after 60s the power supply will
turn off automatically.
Display the highest value during the temperature measurement, if no higher
value appeares in 8 seconds, stop measuring.
After 10min there is an auto power off.
If the voltage is below 1.27V ± 0.05V, the low voltage symbol will flicker with a
frequency of 1Hz, then stop measuring.
After measuring, if the temperature is below 37.8°C, a warning signal shown
below is generated.
 After measuring, if the temperature is higher than or equal to 37.8°C, then a
fever rapid sound alarm will be generated, with a signal as shown bellow.
Application Areas
Electronic thermometer or indoor / outdoor thermometer applications.
Application Circuit