Electronic Thermometer -- HT47C07L

Electronic Thermometer
 Operation voltage : 1.2V ~ 2.2V
 Standby current : <1µA
 Operating temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
 Low voltage detect : 1.27V ± 0.05V
 LCD display
 Minimum external components
PCB Back Board
HT47C07L Operation Description
 Press the button → "Beep" → "Full screen display" 2 seconds → "Display
the last temperature" 1 second → "Display the current temperature".
 If the current temperature is below 32°C, display "Lo", above 42.9°C,
display "Hi".
 If the Sensor is abnormal, LCD displays "Err", after 60s the power supply will
turn off automatically.
 Display the highest value during the temperature measurement, if no higher
value appeares in 8 seconds, stop measuring.
 After 10min it will auto power off.
 If the voltage is below 1.27V ± 0.05V, the low voltage symbol will flicker with a
frequency of 1Hz, then stop measuring.
 After measuring, if the temperature is below 37.8°C, a warning signal shown
below is generated.
 After measuring, if the temperature is higher than or equal to 37.8°C, then a
fever rapid sound alarm will be generated, with a signal as shown bellow.
Application Areas
Electronic thermometer or indoor / outdoor thermometer applications.
Application Circuit