English Datasheet

CL500 Free and Total
Chlorine Meter
Meter comes complete with all the
accessories to conveniently take
measurements of both Free and
Total Chlorine up to 3.50ppm with
0.01ppm resolution. The method used
is adapted from USEPA Method 330.5
for waste water and Standard Method
4500-Cl-G for drinking water.
Advanced optical system uses a narrow band LED
Auto power off
lamp that provides accurate and repeatable readings
Complete with 1.0ppm Free Chlorine standard solution,
Requires only a 10mL sample size
1.0 Total Chlorine standard solution, Zero Chlorine
Independent 2-point calibration for Free and
standard solution, (2) test bottles and covers, Free
Total Chlorine
Chlorine DPD powder (10pcs), Total Chlorine DPD
Splash-proof front panel
powder (10pcs), cleaning cloth, six AAA batteries, and
Battery operated for field and on-site testing
hard carrying case
Data Hold and Min/Max record/recall
Contact Extech or your local lab supply for refills
on the standard solutions and reagents
Range (ppm)
0.01 to 3.50ppm
±0.02ppm @ 1ppm
Light source
LED, 525nm
Adaptation of USEPA Method 330.5 for waste water and Standard Method 4500-Cl-G for drinking water
Response Time
<10 seconds
6.1 x 3.0 x 2.4" (155 x 76 x 62mm)
11.3oz (320g)
CL500................ Free and Total Chlorine Meter
BTL10................ 10mL Test Bottles (2pcs)
DPD-CL.............. DPD Powder (10pk Total Chlorine and 10pk Free Chlorine)
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