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MA140/MA145 True RMS 300A
Mini Clamp Meters + NCV
Model MA140
AC Current
Model MA145
AC/DC Current
Choice of AC Current or AC/DC Current model with 0.8" (22mm) jaw size and high accuracy. Smart Auto Sense feature enables
the MA145 to recognize the input (within a given function) and automatically switch to the correct mode of operation (i.e. AC to
DC Current measurement). Built-in Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Detector allows for quick detection of live voltage.
True RMS for accurate readings of noisy, distorted or
Built-in Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) detector
non-sinusoidal waveforms
Inrush current measurement
Model MA140 — AC Current
6000 count backlit LCD display
Model MA145 — AC/DC Current and Zero function for
Smart Data Hold: Audiovisual alert when a new
reading exceeds 50 digits of a held reading
accurate DC measurements
Compact 0.8" (22mm) jaw size accommodates
Low battery indicator and Auto Power Off feature
conductors up to 300MCM and allows measurements
CAT III-600V safety rating
in tight locations
Complete with carrying case and two LR44 batteries
Unique Smart Auto Sense feature
Low Pass Filter (LPF) for accurate measurement of
variable frequency drive signals
AC Current (max resolution)
60A, 300A (0.01A)
60A, 300A (0.01A)
DC Current (max resolution)
60A, 300A (0.01A)
Basic accuracy
AC: ±1.5%, DC: ±1.5%
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV)
80 to 600V
80 to 600V
5.8x2.4x1.2" (147x60x31mm)
5.8x2.4x1.2" (147x60x31mm)
4.9oz (140g)
4.9oz (140g)
MA140 N......... True RMS 300A AC Mini Clamp Meter+NCV
MA145 N......... True RMS 300A AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter+NCV
N Indicates products that are available with optional calibration traceable to NIST. Order with -NIST after part number for product plus Calibration Certificate.
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Rev. 6/5/15
MA140 UPC Code: 793950371404
MA145 UPC Code: 793950371459