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Oyster™ Series pH/mV/Temperature Meter
Exclusive Oyster Design
Can be used in the lab or in the field
• Large LCD built into adjustable “flip-up” cover
displays pH or mV and Temperature simultaneously
• Microprocessor based with splash proof housing
and front panel tactile touch pad to slope and calibrate
• Rugged design for handheld or benchtop
use; neckstrap for “hands-free” operation
• Measures:
pH: 0.00 to 14.00pH
mV: -999mV to 999mV
Temperature: 32.0°F to 212.0°F (0.0°C to 100.0°C)
• Accurate to 0.02pH, 2mV, 0.8°F/0.5°C and
resolution of 0.01pH, 1mV and 0.1°
• Memory function stores and recalls 25 labeled readings
• Min/Max storage and recall
• Self diagnostics display codes help user troubleshoot
electrode, buffer and temperature errors
• °C/°F switchable
• Audible beeper to alert user when function is completed
• Low Battery indicator and Auto Shut off after 10 minutes of non use
• 5 point buffer recognition (1.68, 4.00, 7.00, 10.00, 12.45)
with adjustable buffer values
• Automatic or Manual temperature compensation
• Dimensions: 3.7 x 4.2 x 2" (94 x 107 x 51mm); Weight: 12oz (340g)
• OYSTER-10 includes meter, neckstrap and 9V battery;
OYSTER-15 kit includes OYSTER-10, mini pH electrode,
sample buffers (4 and 7pH) and carrying case;
OYSTER-16 kit includes OYSTER-15 and RTD temperature probe
Ordering Information:
OYSTER-15 ........Oyster™ Meter Kit
OYSTER-16 ........Oyster™ Meter Kit with RTD Temperature Probe
PH103 ................Tripak Buffers (6ea. of 4, 7, 10pH and 2 Rinsing solutions)
850185 ..............RTD Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
60120B ..............Mini pH Electrode (10 x 120mm)
601500 ..............Standard pH Electrode (12 x 160mm)
601100 ..............Flat Surface Electrode (15 x 106mm)
67500B ..............Standard ORP Electrode (12x160mm)
Oyster® Meter Kit (OYSTER-16)
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