Revision # 1.70
Windows 2000 PS/2 Keyboard Encoder
Modifications made on June 11, 2008
In the Features, Pin Assignment and other related sections, a new 48-pin SSOP package
type was added.
Three new paragraphs have been added under the Functional Description heading and
also a Basic Assurance Test and Power-on sections were added.
Revision # 1.60
Modifications made on April 16, 2003
At the Functional Description section, the Mini Keyboard Operation Manual was deleted.
At the Key Matrix table, many Shortcut menus with Ctrl and Alt functions were deleted.
Revision # 1.50
Modifications made on December 15, 2003
At the D.C. Characteristics table, the Typ. and Max. values for LED Sink Current were
Revision # 1.40
Modifications made on November 28, 2003
At the Features section, Design for Windows XP feature was added.
At the D.C. Characteristics table, IOH1 entries were added and modifications were made on
the Parameter description, as well as the Min. and Typ. values of the IOL and IOH2.
Revision # 1.30
Modifications made on October 3, 2002
Package Information section was added.
Revision # 1.20
Modifications made on January 3, 2002
In the Key matrix table, Explorer key was removed.
At the Application Circuits Diagram, the resistor value for OSC1 application was changed
from 100kΩ to 62kΩ.
Revision # 1.10
Modifications made on July 9, 2001
Dice form package was deleted.
At the Electrical Characteristics table, the Min. and Max. Test Conditions for the Operating
voltage VDD were changed from 4V and 5.5V to 4.75V and 5.25V respectively.
Revision # 1.00
Modifications made on December 8, 2001
Preliminary texts were deleted from the front page heading and the subsequent pages.