Revision # 1.60
Windows 2000 USB + PS/2 Keyboard Encoder MCU
Modifications made on June 11, 2008
In the Features, Pin Assignment and other related sections, a new 48-pin SSOP package
type was added.
Three new paragraphs have been added under the Functional Description heading and
also a Basic Assurance Test and Power-on sections were added.
Revision # 1.50
The Circuit Diagram and Note in the Application Circuit Section were modified.
Revision # 1.40
Modifications made on December 7, 2007
Modifications made on September 15, 2003
The Application Circuits diagram was modified.
Revision # 1.30
Modifications made on April 16, 2003
At the Functional Description section, the Mini Keyboard Operation Manual was deleted.
At the Key Matrix table, many Shortcut menus with Ctrl and Alt functions were deleted.
Revision # 1.20
Modifications made on February 20, 2003
At the D.C. Characteristics table, the Max. value for VIL1 was changed from 0.3VDD to 0.8V,
and the Min. value for VIH1 was changed from 0.7VDD to 2V, while its Max. value of VDD was
changed to 5V.
Revision # 1.10
Modifications made on February 3, 2002
At the Absolute Maximum Ratings section, the Operating Temperature range of -40°C to
85°C was changed to 0°C to 70°C.
The Multimedia Key Bytes Definition table Byte No.3 was modified.
Revision # 1.00
This was posted on December 8, 2001