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Average ramp up rate (25°C to TP)
Preheat Range, TSmin - TSmax
Preheat time, tS
Liquidus Temp, TL
Time above liquidus temp, tL
Peak temp, TP
SnPb Eutectic
3°C/sec max
100° to 150°C
60-120 secs
60-150 secs
240° +0/-5°C
3°C/sec max
150 to 200 C
60-180 secs
60-150 secs
260° +0/-5°C
10-30 secs
20-40 secs
Time within 5C of the actual peak temp, tP
6°C/sec max
6°C/sec max
Ramp down rate
6 mins max
8 mins max
Time to peak temp, t25°C to Peak
Table 1: Typical Reflow Profile Conditions Used for Package MSL Determination
All temperatures refer to the topside of the package, measured on package body surface.
2. This profile is used for internal qualification of packages and only shows the times and temperatures our
packages are guaranteed to withstand. This should not be construed as a recommended profile for board
mounting of our parts. Customers should optimize their board mounting reflow profiles per their board
design, solder paste and flux selection etc.
Table 1: Schematic of the Reflow Profile (Source: IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020C)