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The S6 TrackPro is sitec systems' best selling Track&Trace
device. The device is highly flexible in terms of its configuration
and use. It can be upgraded in many ways and programmed if
required. Vereinfacht wird die Programmierung durch die Nutzung
von Open Source Tools wie Eclipse oder Netbeans sowie durch
die Nutzung der sitec systems S65X-Frameworks, diverser
Softwaretools und Schulungen.Programming is simplified by using
open source tools such as Eclipse or Netbeans, and by using
sitec systems' S65X Frameworks, various software tools and
training courses. The S6 TrackPro is E1 and CE certified, and it
forms the basis for the custom solutions developed by sitec
There is a wide range of options, such as GSM/GPRS, GPS, 3axis acceleration sensor, optically isolated digital inputs/outputs,
RS232 interface, CAN, I²C, USB, FRAM, Flash or audio interface.
Additional, optional interfaces (WLAN, RS485, RS232, KLine,
rechargeable battery, Ethernet, Bluetooth, analogue input/output,
1-wire) can be added if required using the internal Feature
Connector (FC). The S6 TrackPro can be fitted with TrackView®
or TachoConnect® and put to use immediately.
S6 Overview
Last update 09.07.2012
Subject to alterations
Options and characteristics
The programmable Track&Trace device can be upgraded with different interfaces via the internal Feature Connector. Presently there are
available Bluetooth, W-LAN, LAN, RS485, second RS232, second CAN, 2 x KLine, 1-Wire, 4 x digital- / counting inputs and online UPS.
These options can be combined. The standard equipment can be reduced for cost optimising. Please contact us for your desired
Protected key
3-axis acceleration sensor
Real Time Clock (RTC)
Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS multi-slot class 12
GPRS class 10: max. 86 kbps (UL+DL)
CSD Daten: bis 14.4 kbps V.110
SMS Point-to-point MO & MT, cell broadcast, Text/PDU mode
Fax Group 3, class 2 / class 1
Modem control via AT commands
TCP/IP stack access via AT commands
Internet services: TCP Server/Client, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3
Encryption HTTPS, SSL und PKI
RLS Monitoring (Jamming Detection)
SIM card 1.8 V, 3 V
Accessible or hidden
Up to 1,7 MB RAM and 8 MB Flash File System
Complete RS232
Usable as application interface, as programming interface and for updaters
Connector D: 9 poles SUB-D (f)
CAN 2.0B, 1Mbps
2 receive buffers with priority message stores
6 29-bit filter
2 29-bit masks
Connector B: Molex Micro-Fit 3.0, 2x4 pole
I²C 400 kbps
Connector B: Molex Micro-Fit 3.0, 2x4 pole
3 digital inputs, optical isolated
3 digital outputs, optical isolated
Connector H: Molex Micro-Fit 3.0, 2x5 pole
1 x GSM green (can be switched off)
2 x application red and green (programmable)
Reset and start
20 channel GPS receiver
Tracking sensitivity -159dBm
L1 1575.42 MHz
Trouble identification
Supports A-GPS
Horizontal accuracy: 2.5 m (CEP), 5.5 m 2dRMS
Speed accuracy < 0.01 m/s
Course accuracy < 0.01˚
Warm start TTFF 36 s
Cold start TTFF 38 s
Adjustable thresholds
Integrated self-test
Buffered via accumulator or condenser
Holds time up to one year
Last update 09.07.2012
Subject to alterations
Audio (Option)
USB (Option)
FRAM (Option)
Switch on via
Antenna connection
Power supply
Temperature range
Software / driver
Feature Connector Add-ons
Microphone and loudspeaker connection
Basic hands-free operation
Echo cancellation
Noise reduction
Connector G: RJ10 (4P4C)
USB 2.0 full speed, 12 Mbps
Usable as programming -and debug interface
Connector E: USB Micro-B
Up to 512 kbit FRAM
Non-volatile intermediate memory
Ignition input, RS232, USB, power supply, digital input, acceleration sensor, timer, button, CAN,
FC add-ons
Connector F: GSM FAKRA bordeaux or internal antennae at housing types 2 and 3
Connector A: GPS FAKRA blue or internal antennae at housing types 2 and 3
7..30V DC
Connector C: Molex Micro-Fit 3.0, 2x2 pole
Operation: -40°C to +75°C
Switching of automatically at > 80°C
Storage: -40°C to +85°C
Type 1:
Aluminium profile housing, black anodised or powder coated, different colours possible
Size: 105 x 60 x 25 mm
Type 2:
Plastic housing for mounting at vehicle`s windows or as desktop housing,
Integrated antenna possible, costume specific housings possible
Size: 105 x 60 x 30 mm
Type 3:
Outdoor housing, acryl IP65 housing, integrated antenna, variable IP65 bushings possible
Size: 200 x 90 x 38 mm
Hard- and software watchdog
Update via air interface for firmware and application (OTAP)
S65X Framework for simplified programming of the devices, software compatible to S2, S6 and
Serial Interface Modem, driver Microsoft® Windows 7™/XP™/Vista™
FC-COMM options: WLAN, LAN, CAN, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, 1-Wire, I2C for cable lengths
up to 20 m, 2 x KLine, LIN, separate protocol processor
FC-KLine: Dual KLine with protocol processor
FC-BATT: Online-UPS, Multi-Chem. loader, external or internal accumulator
FC-FDR: 8 x analogue input, second acceleration sensor, 4 digital-/counting inputs
Connector X, Y: depending on the equipment
Internal and external antennae, cable, wall power supply, holder
Please request.
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