January 2011
New information from CONEC GmbH
Expansion of product range
CONEC has expanded the
Solid body connectors series,
it now includes Combination D-SUB
NEW: Expansion of product range for Solid Body IP67
The series is made with a one zinc die cast housing which is designed to perform in harsh
environment I/O applications. The Solid Body Combination D-SUB connectors meet IP67 protection
grade, for more stringent environmental condition please contact the factory.
The connectors are designed for rear panel mounting and come with UNC 4-40 threaded mounting
holes and stainless steel hex locking bolts. The entire series can be populated with all standard
power-, coax- and signal contacts as per the standard connector layout listings (see listings below).
Connectors that are loaded with coax contacts meet IP67 rating in mated condition.
Typical applications for this series of connectors are: Medical Electronics, Wireless Outdoor Telecommunication Systems, Industrial Automation, Mass Transportation, Oil Exploration,
Printers and Displays, Diagnostic Systems, Chemical Process Industries.
One piece nickel plated die cast shell (body)
Rear panel mounting, UNC 4-40 threaded mounting holes
IP67 Protection rated
Screw machine high reliability type contacts
Various levels of gold plating on the contacts
Layouts: 5W1, 3W3, 3W3C, 7W2, 11W1, 5W5, 9W4, 13W3, 17W2, 21W1, 8W8, 13W6, 17W5, 21WA4, 25W3, 27W2, 24W7, 36W4, 43W2, 47W1
- High power contacts 10 to 60A
- Coax contacts 50 and 75 Ohm
- Termination types: solder cup, solder pin straight and
(0,370in, 10,2mm & 0,590in, 14,9mm)
The series is UL listed /E202784), delivery time is within 4 weeks. For full specifications please visit or contact us directly.
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