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One Segment Broadcasting Encoder Board
The XE-7030 is ideal for ISDB-Tb mobile TV service, One-Seg.
The compact-designed encoder board is one of the application modules
mounted in NEC MF-730/XF-730 integrated signal processing platform.
With NEC outstanding specified-color-adaptive coding algorithm, the XE7030 carries high quality pictures with low deterioration.
Scaling & Coding
Embedded Audio
CC: Closed Caption
Ancillary Control
Audio Coding
Ancillary Control
Caption I/F
Reference B.B.
Remote Ctrl.
Video Encoding
• Video Compression Format :
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC coding standard up to Baseline Profile
Level 1.3.
• The specified-color-adaptive coding algorithm.
Digital Closed Caption Data Packetization
• The closed caption data which is emmbeded in input video
signal (compliant with ARIB STD-37) can output with TS
closed caption packet.
Ancillary Control
Audio Encoding
• Audio Compression Format :
MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AAC LC Profile, and HE-AAC coding
• Real time aspect ratio switching and audio mode switching
can be controlled by the inter-stationary control signal
(compliant with ARIB STD B-39).
Compact and Space-efficient
XE-7030 is designed to be mounted in MF-730/XF-730
integrated signal processing platform
• Up to 7 boards in MF-730 Frame.
• Up to 4 boards in XF-730 Frame.
NEC Corporation
XE-7030 Encoder Board of One segment broadcasting
Input signal
(1)Input Signal
• 1080i serial digital component video
Output signal
Standard: SMPTE-274M, I/F: SMPTE-292M, Frame freq.: 29.97Hz, Interlace ratio: 2:1
• 480i serial digital component video
Standard: ITU-R BT.601, I/F: SMPTE-259M, Frame freq.:29.97Hz, Interlace ratio: 2:1
• Audio format
Embedded Audio (8ch)
• Closed caption
Standard: ARIB STD B-37
(2) Output Signal
• MPEG-2 TS (Transport Stream)
Format:(204,188) or (188), Mode:byte or packet mode
Video Encoding
• Coding scheme ITU-T Rec.H.264|ISO/IEC14496-10 [email protected] 1.3
• Number of coding pixels (Horizontal pixels x Vertical lines)
320x180 (QVGA,16:9)
• Video ES bit rate range 64 – 384kbps
Audio Encoding
• Coding scheme
MPEG-2 AAC LC-profile, HE-AACv1
MPEG-4 AAC LC-profile, HE-AACv1, v2
• Audio mode
1/0 , 1/0 + 1/0 , 2/0
• Streaming Format LATM/LOAS and ADTS
Inter-stationary control signal (ARIB STD B-39 compliant), Ethernet
• STC/GOP synchronization signal
• Reference signal
RS-170A-compliant analog black burst signal
Operation Temperature
0 ºC to 40ºC
Power Consumption
38VA or less
MF-730/XF-730 Frame
Number of mountable boards
Max, 14 board
Operation Temperature
0ºC to 40ºC
Frame x 1
Power Supply Unit x 1 or 2
Power supply
85 to 264V AC(single phase), 47 to 63Hz
Power Consumption
350VA (with maximum load)*3
132(H,3RU) x 480(W ) x 500(D) mm
*1 This indicates the maximum number of boards which can be installed to MF700/XF700 Series frame with 1 slot size card.
*2 Redundant Power Supply system is available with two power supply units.
*3 The power consumption value indicated is measured under maximum load. Actual power consumption varies depending on the type(s) and quantity of
boards mounted in the frame.
! Safety precautions
To install, make connections and operate this product, please carefully read and observe instructions,
precautions and recommendations in our instruction manuals.
● The colours in this brochure may differ from those of the actual unit. Designs and specifications of this product is subject to change without prior notice.
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