ECT 310 Perpetuum
EnOcean powered by Thermal Energy
ECT 310 is a low-cost ultra-low-voltage
DC/DC converter for powering battery-less
EnOcean radio modules by Thermal Energy.
Wireless sensors and even actuators can be
Operation starts at typ. 20 mV relating to a
2 Kelvin temperature difference at a standard low-cost Peltier element.
The output power is in the range from µW to mW
and depends on the actual temperature difference at the Peltier element. ECT 310 is designed
and optimized for powering EnOcean radio modules in sensors and actuators. To achieve best
system efficiency the output voltage is regulated
only roughly. A typical thermo-driven sensor
consists of a sensor element, a small Peltier element, the ECT 310 DC/DC converter and an EnOcean STM 300 or STM 312 radio module. Other
than STM 300, the STM 312 module already has
an energy storage on board.
Energy Calculation Example
ECT 310 key features
 Best in-class Thermo Harvester solution
 Low-cost DC/DC converter, works with
lowest-cost standard Peltier elements
 Designed and optimized for thermopowered EnOcean wireless applications
 SMD footprint
 Directly to be soldered onto EnOcean STM
312 wireless sensor transmitter module
 Powers STM 300 module to realize bidirectional wireless sensors and actuators
For evaluation of ECT 310 the development kit
EDK 312 is provided:
EDK 312 consists of following parts
 868 MHz STM 312 all-in-one wireless sensor module with integrated energy storage
 ECT 310 ultra-low-voltage DC/DC converter
 Peltier element TEC2L-15-15-15-5.6
Output power from ECT 310 in combination with
Peltier element TEC2L-15-15-15-5.6:
 Red = temp. diff. @ Peltier, blue = temp. diff.
against ambient temp. (via heat sink).
 Start up at 2K, ~100 µW of energy is already
produced for a temp. diff. of 7 K.
An EnOcean radio module that wakes up every 2
min. to transmit a telegram needs ~5 μW on
average only. Enough energy is left even to
power some actuators!
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 Adapter Board EVA 330
 Detailed documentation
Key Applications
 Sensors for Building and Industrial automation
and Medical (heat cost allocator, temperature
sensor, process control, preventive maintenance, etc.)
 Actuators for Building and Industrial automation (water valve, air flap, other mech. dev.)
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Thermo powered STM 312 radio sensor
Technical Data
Input start-up voltage
Input voltage max.
20 mV typ. oc
500 mV oc
(oc = open circuit)
Output voltage
3 .. 5 V
(input = 20 .. 500 mV, load < 10 MΩ)
Input source impedance
< 2 Ohm
Efficiency @ 25 mV
30 % typ.
Operating temperature
-20 °C .. +60 °C
Storage temperature
-40 °C .. +85 °C
0 .. 93 % rH,
Thermo powered actuator with STM 300
Packaging Information
Ordering Information
Dimensions & Pinout (Top View)
Ordering Code
ECT 310 Module
EDK 312 Dev Kit
868 MHz
EDK 312C Dev Kit
315 Mhz
EnOcean GmbH owns multiple patents in the area of
self-powered applications. An overview can be found at
following link: .
Patent pending for ECT 310.
Purchase of the ECT 310 DC/DC converter module or
ECT 310 developer kit does not give the right to use
this component to power any radio interface other
than the EnOcean Radio protocol.
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