ETC S3001-D300

Scavenger Transceiver Module
STM 300 and STM 300C
The extremely power saving RF transmitter
module STM 300 of EnOcean enables the
realization of wireless and maintenance free
sensors and actuators such as room operating panels, motion sensors or valve actuators for heating control.
Power supply is provided by an external energy
harvester, e.g. a small solar cell or a thermal
harvester. An energy storage device can be connected externally to bridge periods with no supply from the energy harvester. A voltage limiter
avoids damaging of the module when the supply
from the energy harvester gets too high. The
module provides a user configurable cyclic wake
up (every 1, 10 or 100 sec.). After wake up a
radio telegram (input data, unique 32 bit sensor
ID, checksum) will be transmitted in case of a
change of any digital input value compared to the
last sending or in case of a significant change of
measured analogue values (different input sensitivities can be selected). In case of no relevant
input change a redundant retransmission signal is
sent after a user configurable number of wakeups to announce all current values. In addition a
wake up can be triggered externally.
„ 3 A/D converter inputs
„ 4 digital inputs
„ Configurable wake-up and transmission cycle
„ Wake-up via Wake pins
„ Voltage limiter
„ Threshold detector
„ Application notes for calculation of energy
budgets and management of external energy
Product variants
„ STM 300/300C: SMD mountable module for
use with external antenna (868/315 MHz)
Ordering Code
STM 300
STM 300C
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STM 300
STM 300C
With custom firmware
Energy Harvesting made easy with
EnOcean wireless standard
STM 300 is a bidirectional system module for
maintenance-free sensor solutions based on the
EnOcean wireless standard.
Using the Dolphin API library it is possible to
write custom firmware for the module. STM 300 /
STM 300C is in-system programmable.
Features accessible via API:
„ Integrated 16MHz 8051 CPU with
„ Receiver functionality
„ Various power down and sleep modes
down to 0.2µA current consumption
„ Up to 16 configurable I/Os
„ 10bit ADC, 8bit DAC
Subject to modifications | March 2010
EnOcean Dolphin System Architecture.
Open. Flexible. Expandable.
The distinguishing feature that sets Dolphin apart
from other wireless system architectures is energy
harvesting, which enables self-powered wireless
sensors and actuators. The Dolphin system architecture joins the components necessary for an energyautonomous wireless sensor system that operates
on a standardized wireless network. These include
energy conversion and storage components,
EnOcean wireless modules for energy management,
data acquisition, data processing and wireless data
transmission, and finally the software blocks operating system, API and application programs.
Benefits for OEM partner
„ Maintenance-free sensor solution with energy
„ Simple expansion of portfolio to wireless-based
products using EnOcean wireless standard
„ Ready available and wide-ranging, interoperable
As an open and expandable hardware and software
architecture, Dolphin is future-oriented and fully
backward compatible with EnOcean-enabled devices
and system components already on the market.
system product portfolio
„ Fast implementation and time to market
„ Low investment in R&D, T&M, etc
„ Various evaluation tools obtainable to support
The hardware kernel of Dolphin is the EO3000I chip,
a basis for simply integrated modules. EnOcean
modules already have extensive firmware functionality implemented – such as basic switching, dimming and measuring – and can go straight into an
application without additional programming. Its
built-in application functions enable straightforward
start-up and system integration.
Technical Data
Radio Standard
Data rate/Modulation type
Receiver Sensitivity (at 25°C)
Conducted Output Power
Power Supply
Current Consumption
Dimensions of PCB
Input Channels
Operating temperature
Radio Regulations
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„ EnOcean Development Kit EDK 300 for STM 300
„ Technical support
„ Competitive advantage over battery-powered
wireless solutions
„ New differentiated marketing advantages
„ Participation in EnOcean's eco-system
„ EnOcean is the wireless standard for sustainable
External whip or 50Ω antenna mountable
315.0 MHz (STM 300C) / 868.3 MHz (STM 300)
EnOcean 868 MHz/315 MHz
125 kbps/ASK
typ. –96 dBm (868MHz), -98dBm (315MHz)
receiver available only via API
typ. 5 dBm
2.1V–4.5V, 2.6V needed for startup
Deep Sleep Mode: 0.2 µA
Receive mode (via API only):33 mA
Transmit mode: 24 mA
22x19x3 mm
4x digital input, 2x WAKE input , 3x analog input
Resolution: 3x 8bit or 1x 10bit, 1x 8bit, 1x 6bit
–25 up to +85°C
R&TTE EN 300 220 (STM 300)
FCC CFR-47 Part 15 (STM 300C)
Subject to modifications | March 2010