Camera controller C2741-63

Camera controller
C2741- 63
Contrast enhancement
The contrast enhancement function amplifies video signals that are above
offset (threshold) level. Using this function, even a very low contrast image
can be changed into a clear image.
Auto contrast enhancement
When input light intensity is detected, an amplifier gain is adjusted automatically, and the contrast of image is kept constant.
Shading correction
This function corrects shading caused by the optics such as light source
and lenses. It enables horizontal and vertical correction as well as diagonal
The C2741-63 is a compact and high-performance camera
controller designed for video cameras. Its most significant
feature is the exceptional image processing ability. With
functions such as contrast enhancement, detail enhancement
and frame averaging, which reduces noise in the image, the
ability to view low contrast objects clearly is easily controlled
through the C2741-63.
It also provides shading correction. This function enables to
correct shading, which is caused by light source and other
Easy to use to output clear and enhanced
images from a video camera
Variety of features such as
contrast enhancement, detail enhancement,
averaging and shading correction
Example of use
Noise reduction function
This function averages a number of images to reduce random noise and
creates a high-grade image.
Picture inversion
Images can be flipped vertically and horizontally.
Image playback
You can play back the last 59 images.
Detail enhancement
This function enhances edges of objects and intensity transitions. It dramatically improves the performance to display a vague image in detail.
Gamma correction
Gamma correction enables the modification of the captured image to
display it more naturally and enhance the lower-contrast portions.
Versatile interface of RS-232C
Level indicators
Two indicators, which appear on the lower left corner of the monitor, indicate
the appropriateness of incoming light level. These indicators make it easy to
adjust brightness and help to display an optimal image. In addition, this
feature provides a visual cue to avoid excessive light input, which may
damage the camera.
Video inverter
Before contrast enhancement
After contrast enhancement
This function inverts black and white of the image by reversing the video
intensity values. It is used when the target object is concentrated in the dark
portion of the image, rather than in the bright areas. It is more effective when the
contrast enhancement is used simultaneously with this video inverter function.
Type number
Composite video signal (1 V p-p / 75 Ω BNC or 12 pin)
Input signal
Input signal connector
12PinCCD camera connector
CCD Camera
BNC connector
Synchronization system (switched by software)
Horizontal scanning frequency
Vertical scanning frequency
15.734 KHz
15.625 KHz
59.94 Hz
50.00 Hz
Composite video signal (1 V p-p / 75 Ω BNC or 12 pin)
Output signal
BNC connector×2
Output signal connector
Control signal
DSUB connector 9Pin
Control signal connector
0 ˚C to 40 ˚C
Ambient operating temperature
Ambient operating humidity
70 % (With no condensation)
-10 ˚C to 50 ˚C
Ambient storage temperature
Ambient storage humidity
90 % (With no condensation)
Power supply
AC 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption
60 VA or less
● 12PIN cable 5 m: A3194-01
video camera
Camera controller
12PIN cable 5 m
■ C2741-63 (approx 1.9 kg)
(Unit: mm)
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