Download Monitored AC-DC Power Distribution Unit Datasheet

AC-DC Monitored Power Distribution Unit
Power Distribution with Surge Protection and Remote Monitoring
The AC-DC Monitored Power Distribution Unit features an AC wide voltage input range of 100-250 VAC, and provides
both +24VDC and -48VDC power from 6 DC terminal blocks. This PDU is a multifunctional AC-DC power distribution unit
designed for operation in commercial / industrial environments. The PDU features six independently controlled DC outlet
terminal block channels, and associated DC load supplies are protected from over-current with a 16 Amp magnetic circuit
breaker. The unit can provide status communication when the circuit breaker is in the tripped position.
The PDU is capable of monitoring line voltage and input load current as well as internal temperature. Operation/control
is accomplished by several communication protocols within the PDU using a remote computing device such as a laptop
computer, desktop computer, or network operating center. Remote communication and monitoring protocols include
Telnet, SNMP, and Web.
Other features include: Mains Circuit Breaker on front panel, Air Intake Perforation on front and rear panel, Status
Displays for Individual Outlets, Main Power Status Indicator, Remote Control (On/Off) for Individual Outlets, Monitor Line
Voltage, Input Load Current, Outlet Status, Internal Temperature, and more.
This product complies with FCC, CE, TUV, UL60950 and IEC950 requirements.
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Technical Specifications
AC Input
DC Output
100-250 VAC
Wide Voltage
Input Range
Channels 1,2,3: +24 VDC
Channels 4,5,6: -48 VDC
2 Amps Max
1 Amp Max
6 Independently
Controlled DC
Terminal Block
17.25”W x
1.73”H x
Individual Outlets.
Line Current, Voltage,
Internal Temperature
and more.
Associated Part Number: 7400-PS4A-001
Rev: 5/6/2013
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[email protected]