Download 1U Breaker Interface Panel Datasheet

1RU DC Breaker and Fuse Panels
The 7400-DS93 Breaker Interface Panel offers a reliable solution for protecting
your system from over-current damage. Power and return lines for all panel
circuits are isolated in the “off” state by magnetic circuit protectors, offering
superior protection and safety. This panel operates at -48VDC with a maximum
current of 90 Amps per side.
The unit is designed with a removeable front panel to provide access to 6
pluggable circuit breakers. A bi-color LED over each input terminal block
provides verification of proper polarity termination at power hook-up. Red
indicates a reverse polarity condition.
Technical Specifications: P/N 7400-DS93
Input and Output
Voltage Operating
-48VDC nominal (Reverse Polarity Protected)
Voltage Range
-36VDC to -72VDC
Current Rating
90 Amps per Side Max.
Lug Size
Panduit #LCD4-14AH-L For #4AWG External
Power Feed Wiring to PDU
Power Output
PE Ground
Panduit #PV6-10R-E For #6AWG External Ground Wire
or Braid to the PDU
Physical and Environmental
17.0”W x 1.725”H x 12.00”D
Temperature Range
0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F) (Without Forced Air Cooling)
Temperature Range
0 - 65°C (32 - 149°F) (Without Forced Air Cooling)
Operating Humidity
-- Circuit breaker protection for your
valuable DC system.
-- Power and return lines are
isolated for all circuits in the
“off” state by magnetic circuit
-- A bi-color LED over each input
terminal block assures correct
polarity during hook up. Red
indicates reverse polarity.
-- Positive polarized latching
connector system provides for
quick field installation.
-- With the removal of the front
access panel, the individual
circuit breakers can easily be
serviced to minimize down time.
-- PDU circuit protection
configuration is easily modified
by the user but not to exceed the
maximum current rating of the
PDU per output.
-- PDU circuitry utilizes bus bar and
PCB “Heavy Trace” technology
for enhanced power dissipation.
0 - 95%
Operating Elevation
0 - 10,000 ft (0 - 3000 m)
≈ 12 lb (≈ 5.45 kg)
Rev: 04/01/2014
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