1107081 Si4704 05 C40 EOL Addendum to PCN 1105171 Std

Process Change Notice# 1107081
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PCN Date: 8July2011
Effective Date: 13Jan2012
Title: Si4704/05 Revision C40 End of Life/Last Time Buy, Addendum to PCN 1105171
Originator: Vivek Sarda
Phone: 5124281561
Dept: Marketing
Customer Contact: Kathy Haggar
Phone: 512 532 5261
Dept: Sales
PCN Type:
Product Revision
Last Order Date: 13Jan2012
PCN Details
Description of Change: This PCN is being issued as an addendum to PCN 1105171, which
announced “Si4704/05/06/30/31/34/35 to Revision D” PCN. Part numbers Si4704-C40 and
Si4705-C40 were inadvertently omitted from the PCN.
The PCN announces the End of Life and Last Time Buy for Si4704-C40 and Si4705-C40 as an
addendum to the terms of PCN 1105171.
Reason for Change: Addendum to PCN 1105171 which inadvertently omitted Si4704-C40 and
Si4705-C40 from the original Revision D PCN. Revision D enhances features and remedies
errors in previous product revisions. See suggested replacement list below.
Impact on Form, Fit, Function, Quality, Reliability: See PCN 1105171
Product Identification:
Previous Product
3x3 20 QFN
3x3 20 QFN
3x3 20 QFN
3x3 20 QFN
Replacement Product
Si4704-D60-GM/R (Consumer)
Si4704-D50-GM/R (Portable)
Si4705-D60-GM/R (Consumer)
Si4705-D50-GM/R (Portable)
3x3 20 QFN
3x3 20 QFN
3x3 20 QFN
3x3 20 QFN
Last Date of Unchanged Product: 13Jan2012
Qualification Samples: Samples are available now. Please contact your local Silicon
Laboratories sales representative to order samples. A list of authorized sales
representatives may be found at www.silabs.com.
Customer Early Acceptance Sign Off:
Customers may approve early PCN acceptance by completing the information below:
Early Acceptance Date:
Email your early Acceptance approval to: katherine.haggar@silabs.com
Qualification Data: N/A
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