1107121 CP2112-Fxx-GM New Product Firmware Revision std

Process Change Notice #1107121
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PCN Date: 12Jul11
Effective Date: 17Oct11
Title: CP2112-Fxx-GM New Product Firmware Revision
Originator: Pedro Pachuca
Phone: 512-425-0526
Dept: Marketing
Customer Contact: Kathy Haggar
Phone: 512-532-5261
Dept: Sales
PCN Type:
Product Revision
Last Order Date: 17Oct11
PCN Details
Description of Change: Silicon Laboratories, Inc (Silicon Labs) is pleased to announce a new
product firmware revision for the CP2112 device: CP2112-F02-GM.
Reason for Change: This firmware revision addresses the following items:
1. Improved “Addressed Read” capability of the SMBUS to allow communication with a
broader set of devices. This improvement is described in section 6 of the data sheet.
2. Corrected Multi-Master communication issue which could affect customers under a very
limited set of conditions. This device specific behavior is described in section 12 of the
data sheet.
The new revision is a pin compatible drop-in replacement for the previous revision CP2112F01-GM devices. There have been no changes to device pin-out or reliability.
CP2112-F02-GM datasheet is located at www.silabs.com
Impact on Form, Fit, Function, Quality, Reliability: Enhanced device functionality as described
Product Identification: CP2112-F02-GM
Note: Affected Part Number also includes tape and reel equivalents (“R” suffix).
Last Date of Unchanged Product: 17Oct11
Qualification Samples: Available upon request. Please contact your local Silicon Laboratories sales
representative to order samples. A list of Silicon Laboratories sales representatives may be found
at www.silabs.com
Customer Early Acceptance Sign Off:
Customers may approve early PCN acceptance by completing the information below:
Early Acceptance Date:
Email your early Acceptance approval to: [email protected]
Qualification Data: N/A
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